Puppy Throwing Girl


Written by Onjuli Datta
01 Wednesday 01st September 2010
Looks like this time of year is an extra special one for animal abusers. Last week we were graced with the Cat Bin Woman video – since then she’s been found, harassed by a large section of the internet, and apologized. So with that storm mostly over, it’s only right that someone else has stepped up to take her place as Animal Hater of The Week.
This video, supposedly linked back to an account in Bosnia, shows a girl with a bucket of puppies. By a river. Can you guess what happens next? (Warning: this isn’t pretty.)
The video’s only been around for a couple of days, but notorious cyber-mob 4chan are already on the case. The clip was posted to it yesterday, and 4chan has already begun unleashing its characteristic shit-storm on a couple of Facebook accounts that seem to fit the bill. (Meaning their targets haven’t actually been confirmed, but screw it, it’s not like revenge of the puppies is the main intention here. As one anon put it: “IT’S NOT A CASE OF MORALFAGGOTRY. JUST DO IT FOR THE FUCKING LULZ.”)
Interestingly, 4chan isn’t the only group launching a crusade. PETA, animal rights campaigners to the max, have announced a $2000 reward for information “leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for drowning a litter of helpless puppies.” Good to know that PETA’s giving the web even greater incentive to destroy this kid’s life.
Still though, that’s two thousand bucks and the fucking lulz if we catch this girl? Fine, we’re on it. She doesn’t stand a chance.


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  • Guest: thebookclubmusic
    Mon 06 - Sep - 2010, 19:16
    seriously, one of the most distressing things i've ever seen. what a sick fuck.
  • Guest: ak_snwbrdr
    Mon 06 - Sep - 2010, 06:40
    what the fuck is wrong with this cunt? that is one of the most horrid things i have seen. she deserves the death penalty. fucking fucked up bitch!!!! i cant believe someone would do that.
  • Guest: suegspanky
    Sun 05 - Sep - 2010, 19:19
    What goes around comes around, i hope this stupid little bitch gets throughly fucked up along her way home one night. people like this dont deserve libertry or life, to throw away helpless creatures like puppies inot a river. sick sick sick and not in the good way. :(