Putin's Best Bits


Written by Siobhan Morrin
20 Monday 20th December 2010

He sings!

During a charity fundraiser this month, attended by Hollywood stars and world leaders, Putin took to the stage to sing not one, but three songs. He chose to perform Blueberry Hill in English, following it up with a Russian song about the homeland,and to finish, led Sharon Stone on stage to sing about cosmonauts.

Apparently he enjoys singing, but said the audience would have to 'rough it' as he isn't very good. Watch the video and judge for yourself.


He shoots!

Killing a tiger? Forget the democracy issues, this is just too much! Well, not quite. While it may look like the Prime Minister has shot a tiger, it isn't with a deadly bullet. Putin was actually sedating the animal to enable researchers to take measurements and check its health. He's all heart!

He shoots with his shirt off!


Inspiration for the Old Spice Guy?

Just another day in the life of Vladimir Putin. These pictures come from his annual August holiday, which inevitably makes headlines every year. This time he not only shows off his 'hot bod' but his shooting and riding prowess too. What a man!

He demonstrates his authority!

Watch as Putin reduces Oleg Deripaska, a very wealthy oligarch, to the level of a child. First he tells him off, then brings him to the front of the room to sign documents in front of everyone. Then he demands his pen back. Harsh.

And of course, he's a black belt in judo!

If you didn't know that Putin's a judo expert, you must have been under a rock. For years. It was way back in 2008 that he released his own judo instruction video, and he's certainly not shy about showing off his skills. Maybe that's why no one crosses him...

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