Religion = Dead


Written by Oly Beer
20 Monday 20th September 2010
Religion, adored and feared by all. Well, at least in medieval times. No, in these modern times the Church doesn’t seem to bear such importance in our lives anymore. Or does it?
The Pope’s visit to the UK last week has sparked a lot of controversy regarding his archaic approach to modern life. What reception does he expect when one of his aids, sorry, aides, deemed Britain as ‘third world’ according to The Sun. Pope Benedict’s aide, Walter Kasper, apparently informed Pope Benedict that, "When you land at Heathrow, you think you are in a Third World land”.  One blogger even put forward the idea of arresting the ‘son of a bitch’ upon landing.
Not unlike the pop tart phenomenon of the nineties a ‘new and aggressive atheism’ is sweeping our nation. According to a Vexen report in 2007, 66% of the Uk’s population have no ‘actual connection to any religion or church’. It leaves the burning question, is religion in the UK dead? In the same report it claimed that only 17% of the population stated that religion is ‘one of the most significant factors in their lives’.
Religion is out of fashion. I can cast my mind back to being dragged along to Sunday school every week and cursing my parents because I wanted to play my Game Boy instead of listening to a sermon about God. Once I even concealed it under my suit jacket. Needless to say, the priest was fuming.
Religion is a divisive thing to talk about and perhaps it’s time we do. Statistics don’t usually lie, unless you are in government and manipulate them. In this case the statistics have shown a dramatic decline in religious importance and effect in our lives. One thing is for sure the pope seems to of rattled a lot of cages, his attitude towards contraception, claiming that HIV and Aids should be tackled through abstinence and not by the western method of condoms. He stated that: ‘The traditional teaching of the church has proven to be the only failsafe way to prevent the spread of HIV/Aids.’ Hang on, what about western education and modern medicine?
I’ll leave you with this thought: Has Stephen Hawkins, with his recent announcement that God did not create the universe, killed God? God wasn’t available for comment. Is religion dead? You decide.  

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  • Guest: josh_bheal
    Sun 26 - Sep - 2010, 09:07
    @ Nigel Perhaps you should read it, the journalist never affirmed whether it was dead or not, he/ she presented the facts and left for you to decide: "Ís religion dead? You decide."
  • Guest: Nigel.pearce
    Fri 24 - Sep - 2010, 11:30
    No religion is not dead. I suggest you dig a little deeper into your research before you write your next piece of heretical non-sense.
  • Guest: Matt
    Thu 23 - Sep - 2010, 22:30
    About time someone wrote something decent about the absence of religion in our lives. The church are nothing but corrupt sinister f**ks