Review - Beyond Clueless


Written by Ganesh Senthi
01 Friday 01st August 2014

Beyond Clueless is a narrated look at the unique genre of American teen movies made roughly between 1995 and 2005. This is a superbly edited journey spanning 200 coming of age classics, and split into acts which highlight key moments in a teenager’s life. Beyond Clueless is both a look back at a genre of movies and a larger look at America’s youth trying to find themselves.

As I personally attended an American International school, a lot of what Charlie Lyne dissected from these films resonated deeply with me. The movies are supposed to reflect life but then again, life tries to imitate the movies, so a cycle is created and the two move closer together. Essentially, the movie demonstrates what actually happens in the life of an American teenager.

I really enjoyed watching the documentary for the walk down memory lane, but at points it felt all too familiar. Having seen at least 70% of the movies that were featured, I already had an understanding of what American coming of age meant. This doesn’t mean that I didn’t feel anything emotionally (we were all teenagers once!) nor does it not take away from what is a very well put together documentary with excellent and insightful narration.

One thing for certain is that the movies featured in Beyond Clueless mean a lot to so many people. In the screening, 13 going 30 was a bigger hit than I ever thought it would be. My personal favourites of this genre were Idle Hands and Can’t Hardly Wait, the first for the comedy value of a man losing control of his right hand and the other for my teen celeb crush of Jennifer Love Hewitt.

For those around 30 years, Beyond Clueless will be a trip down nostalgia alley, a welcome to movies past that we grew up with and a retrospective into Freddie Prinze Jr’s career.

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