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RIP Ed Hardy Guy


Written by Jack Blocker
10 Friday 10th July 2015

If you've never seen an Ed Hardy t shirt, then you obviously didn't spend the mid-2000s hanging out with douchebags, nor do you watch enough reality TV. The designs claimed to take inspiration from sailor tattoos of old, but always ended up resembling tigers and skulls rolling around in day-glo vomit. Subtle, they were not. So unsurprisingly the hats and t-shirts were favoured by peacocking club predators, the cast of Jersey Shore and - for a brief while - Skepta (it's probably why he reinvented himself with 'That's Not Me'. We all make mistakes).

Lol @ Skepta. Don't worry, you've redeemed yourself.

I always liked Ed Hardy clothes, because if a person was wearing them I instantly knew I wouldn't want to talk to them. It was a real time saver.

Sadly, the man behind the designs, Christian Audigier, recently passed away after a battle with cancer. He was 57. He's certainly left a mark on the world of fashion. Many people will think it's a particularly grotesque mark, but a mark nonetheless. I'm sure the whole of New Jersey will be sporting their best Ed Hardy shirt when they fist pump in the club this weekend.

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