Roybush? Redbush?


Written by Clementine Lloyd
01 Thursday 01st January 2009

How in the blue hell do you pronounce Red Bush? Should be simple really, two very clearly spelled words which any small child of four would make no bones about. However, I seem to be trapped in an alternate universe where people become slightly mentally challenged when faced with these words.

“Would you like a cup of tea?”
“erm, yeah can you make me a Reebos?”
“err…. What?”
“its naturally caffeine free”
“I don’t care, it doesn’t exist”
Oh wait, do they mean RED BUSH, say it with me now everyone. It makes me a little mad at the absolute eco-friendly toffish-ness of this tea. It puts me in puts me in mind of the ‘Bucket’ / ‘Bouquet’ saga of the 1990’s TV sitcom. But alas, I have done my homework and found it is actually Afrikaans for red bush. Be THAT as it may, we are English. I am not being a bigot, but you are not African. Say it properly. Ask a self respecting group of indie-children what tea they prefer, and you will hear a cacophony of slightly different pronunciations. I’ve got news for you kids. If you are going to say it idiotically, it is ‘rooibosch’. So now you now, alter your speech.
Interestingly, their strange and confusing name goes well with their ethos, as Red Bush tea has medicinal qualities, is very good for asthma, allergies and dermatological issues, and can be used in a variety of sweet and savoury recipes, including main meals and yummy salmon. Oh and they also make tea-soap. Don’t believe me, look it up! OK I am sold. Damn their tea is so good!


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