Russia Putin it's foot in it again!


Written by Tom Usher
15 Wednesday 15th November 2017

Fake news! The Russians! Blaming a vaguely threatening force on all of our shortcomings!

Yes, it’s the three hallmarks of modern western democracy pioneered by Donald Trump and his merry bunch of world eaters. Although these slogans, news bites and excuses have worked quite well so far for the Republicans on the other side of the pond, their right wing counterparts in the UK, aka The Tories, have staunchly held their heads above such ridiculous scaremongering.

Until now!

Yes that’s right, the eternally flapping Theresa May has rooted around in her box of ‘things to distract people whilst my legacy as Prime Minister burns all around me’ and come up with the notion that the last snap general election, an election that she called for pretty much no reason other than to consolidate Tory power, and one which ended up doing pretty much the reverse of that, was such a disaster for her and the Tories not because they ran a condescending, belittling election campaign that promised nothing but more austerity, division and fear, but it was in actual fact, hacked by the Russians!

Of course!

Whilst completely ignoring the fact that a post Brexit UK election is about as relevant globally as two children having a fight a playground at lunchtime, she recently launched into a broadside at the Russians, claiming that they were guilty of a number of quite frankly tinfoil hat allegations, which according to her include “meddling in elections”, “seeking to weaponise information” and our favourite “deploying its state-run media organisations to plant fake stories and photo-shopped images in an attempt to sow discord in the West and undermine our institutions”. She went on to say that the actions of the Russians “threaten the international order on which we all depend”.

Which, again would make sense if undermining the UK’s political process had any effect on anyone except us, but since we’ve decided to jettison ourselves into global obscurity, I think the Russians would have far bigger fish to fry. And again, that’s only if the Russians were in fact actually doing any of these hacking, trolling and sowings of discordance in western media, and it’s not just our own political landscape being so toxic after years and years of hateful bile being swilled around by its own media that the general population are starting to vote in ways politicians don’t like or can’t predict.

Who knows!


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