Ryan Gosling Sticks Up For Pigs


Written by Aisha Nozari
16 Tuesday 16th July 2013

Last week Canadian publication 'The Globe And Mail' published a letter they received concerning the welfare of farm animals in Canada - primarily pigs. The sender expressed concerns for the conditions animals currently face in Canada's agricultural system, especially the use of 'gestation crates'. These are grates that mother pigs are kept in for up to four months at a time during pregnancy. When in the crates, pigs are unable to turn around, causing their muscles and bones to degenerate. Essentially they are demobilised for weeks. Once this whole shitty process is done with, they are moved to another crate to give birth, re-impregnated, and the whole thing begins again.

(FYI this is NOT the part that's supposed to make your Tuesday better)

Thankfully, as the sender highlights, Canada is taking steps to stop this sort of inhumane shit. Canada's National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC) has started implementing strict regulations set to improve the treatment of animals in the food supply. In fact, 60 major food companies have eliminated such cages from their supply chain originally. It seems things are slowly looking up.

Whoever sent in that letter is totally my kind of guy. Intelligent, caring, thoughtful, Ryan Gosling... Yeah my ass literally blew out my face when I discovered it was the God-of-fucking-everything himself who wrote this. OMG he is such an animal advocate it makes me so wet. In all seriousness, the dude is such a don for taking an interest in stuff like this. The welfare of animals in the agricultural system is a site of worthy debate, and one that too often slips under the net, something that Gosling seems determined to prevent. Earlier this year he already penned a letter to Jerry Kozak, CEO of the National Milk Producers Federation, urging him to phase out the unnecessary de-horning of cattle. The guy fucking rules.

Gosling goes on to applaud the NFACC for 'working to improve life for Canada's pigs.'

You definitely need to see the whole article with your eyes - maybe also whilst strumming off.

See? Ryan loves animals so hard. So here are some photos of Ryan and his BFF/dog George.



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