Save Southbank!


Written by Robert Foster
18 Monday 18th March 2013

'The man' (Lambeth Council) has his boot to the throat of 'the kids' (London's skateboarders), and is trying to turn the skatepark at Southbank into a bunch of shops. The spot is pretty much the centre of London skateboarding, and understandably no one really likes the idea of having it bulldozed. The Southbank Centre has set up this forum to discuss it with everyone, which is good because it legitimises people's concerns, as opposed to writing off everyone who skates or paints graffiti as dumb kids. If you skate or paint graffiti and you think you've got something to say about the whole situation, get involved.

Southbank residents PWBC put together this edit of some high jinks over the years...

Southbank from PWBC on Vimeo.

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  • Guest: yawnparty
    Thu 02 - May - 2013, 11:44
    Get your facts right. The council have nothing to do with it yet, the proposal has been made by the Southbank Centre and their plans are to still include skateboarding in the long run.
  • Guest: info
    Fri 19 - Apr - 2013, 17:54
    Go to and Support the campaign to stop the redevelopment #savesouthbank.