Save Your Feet With Lasso Slippers


Written by Esme Rees
10 Tuesday 10th March 2015

I've had previous reservations about slippers. Being more of a bare-footed urchin around the house, I have suffered the self inflicted pain of cold toes and the occasional damning of an upturned plug or lego brick.

Unfortunately, old habits die hard and it has taken until now for me to find a slipper that rivals my contempt.

'Lasso' have not only provided the answer, but they are officially my new favorite brand. Something I had already decided on after viewing the first page of the lookbook; a kid with a bowl cut wearing a teddy bear rucksack on a pastel purple background. This was followed by more pastel colours, glitter rainbow backgrounds and a series of portraits with an 'awkward family photo' vibe. Utterly brilliant.

So what of the slipper? Well, the slipper is actually a very simple design, cut from grey felt and laced up the side it's minimalistic approach makes it the sleekest looking slipper you've possibly ever seen.

And then there's the background story. A cool guy from France comes to London to pursue a degree at the Royal College of Art and- naturally- he thinks winter in England is the worst fate ever bestowed on him and after racking up a huge heating bill he is forced to make do and mend and the first pair of Lasso slippers are born out of some old felt and a shoelace.


Thinking the cold may have sent him crazy he sends the design over to his pal Ruben back in sweet Paris who says something along the lines of 'Mec, chaud patate!! On va les faire à Paris!' which means 'Mate, they are so warm, we’ve got to make them in Paris !'. 

And so they did.

The Lasso slippers were launched on Kickstarter in February 2013 and they have since managed to pre-sell 1852 pairs - 344% of their initial target. They are now being worn in 40 different countries...

Pretty fucking cool right?

And you get to decide what colour lace you want. Get them here:

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