Saving the Whales


21 Monday 21st June 2010

It’s nice to see ubiquitous clotheshorse Alice Dellal putting her pseudo edgy posturing to some purpose. Accompanied by a voiceover by ex-Time Lord Christopher Eccleston and a soundtrack from the Horrors, she features in a new campaign video from the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS). The campaign calls on people (err, you) to put pressure on the International Whaling Commission (IWC), who are meeting in Agadir, Morocco, from 21 - 25 June, to vote against a proposed deal to lift the current ban on commercial whaling.

Unlike the doe-eyed Ms Dellal, whaling ain’t a pretty sight. It’s kinda impossible to harpoon humanely and whales are romantic types who take their time when it comes to reproduction, which means their slaughter is bad news for biodiversity.
Although whaling has been banned for 24 years, together Japan, Norway and Iceland kill 1600 whales each year on the sly, often under the guise of ‘scientific research.’ Greenpeace describes Japan’s ‘scientific’ whaling as little more than ‘a poorly disguised commercial operation.’ And not a very effective one at that: the whale meat industry is propped up through fat Government subsidies which cost Japanese taxpayers 12million dollars annually. This economic revelation contradicts arguments for the cultural currency of whale meat. It seems ‘traditional’ whale burgers are no longer the dish du jour.
While proponents of the deal claim that setting a legal commercial whaling quota for the next ten years will decrease the number of whales killed, WDCS argue that lifting the ban would ‘legitimize’ commercial whaling, which in turn would ‘threaten the long-term survival of whale populations and “open the floodgates” to far bigger slaughter in the future’. Basically, whaling becomes more socially acceptable, everyone wants a piece of the action and new highly lucrative international markets in whale related products emerge.
Great news for the Japanese Government which explains why they’ve been buying support for the deal by offering poor countries foreign aid on the condition that they join the IWC and vote for the ban to be reversed. One of these countries is Mali. The small point that Mali is landlocked with no obvious interest in whaling is, of course, irrelevant.
To check out the campaign, go to

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  • Guest: miragefreestyle
    Tue 22 - Jun - 2010, 15:39
    Promoting talentless idiots in the name of a serious cause. Here's a much better video: When will you muppets realise that things like celebrity and street-art are so utterly totally tragically conformist and that you haven't even sold out with conviction...