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Sencity @ Oval Space


Written by Jack Blocker
17 Friday 17th October 2014

This is only the second time the event has been hosted outside of the UK. The concept was born out of the desire to create an engaging clubbing experience for deaf people, but when folks got wind of the innovative techniques and otherworldy attractions, all sorts of ravers decided that they needed to get involved.

Sencity wants you to hear, smell and feel every beat that pumps through the speakers. This is done by matching the mood of each track with corresponding light effects, aromas and vibrations on the floor. All this leads to an overwhelming physical connection to every song you hear.

The mind-blowing event has previously sold out in cities all over the globe including San Paulo, Sydney and most recently Amsterdam. Over 2000 people are expected to take part in this sense stimulating experiment over the two nights in London.

Sencity takes place on October 24 + 25 at Oval Space. For more info + full lineup, check out our event listings.

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