Sew Over It


Written by Esme Rees
14 Tuesday 14th April 2015

Unfortunately for the little girl, she had no school friends to share her interests with. She was the only little girl in her whole year - there were boys, but they did not care for sewing.

So, instead. The girl explored her love of sewing under the mindful eye of Mrs Robinson, her child minder. Where she was able to practice her skill and here she thrived.

No, this is not the start of a fairy tale. But like the tales go, Lisa Comfort was able to realise her dream (after a lot of hard work and a degree at London College of Fashion, of course!) and now owns two of what was once the first sewing cafe in London.

Over tea and cakes and a good chat, Lisa Comfort's sewing classes have taught more than 5000 people how to sew through sewing classes, drop in sewing sessions and a range of patterns and kits available to buy. All since opening just four years ago!

The pattern and kit ranges have a vintage flavour as most of Lisa’s designs are inspired by styles of the forties, fifties and sixties but the aim of the classes are to make sewing fun and relevant to fit in with people's lifestyles today.

'Sew Over It' welcomes anybody, no matter what age, gender or level of experience. So if you would like to learn to sew, or fancy making yourself garments that are made to fit check out or drop in to one of their shops in Clapham or Islington and go and say hello!

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