Stupid American Laws


06 Wednesday 06th October 2010

Today is judgment day for the polygamy case, the fate of the polygamist family featured on American reality TV show “Sisters Wives” is now in the hands of the court. In Utah bigamy can get you up to 5 years in prison but even so the family chose to appear on the show despite knowing the risk they were taking. Husband of three Kody Brown has 13 children mothered by three wives and he is currently courting a fourth woman to throw in the mix. Despite being legal in other parts of the world, bigamy is illegal in all 50 states in the US. Understandable really, it’s just greedy. Having said that not all rules in the US are as reasonable, Don't Panic look at some of the most ridiculous laws set down by the American Law.  

Chicago, the windy city is known for being cool and cosmopolitan however the state of Illinois has laid down some pretty dumb laws. For example it’s illegal to go fishing in your pyjamas, take a nap on the dance floor and definitely DO NOT go to the opera with your French poodle or you will be arrested. Also if you are unsightly, i.e. mutilated, diseased or just plain ugly, you are banned from going out in public.
Alabama also retains some pretty anal laws, for instance it is illegal to operate a vehicle whilst blindfolded. As if people need to be told? You may be thinking that surely this is common sense right? But no it actually does happen therefore there is a genuine rule banning it. Carrying an ice cream cone in your back pocket is also a crime in the state, so remember to carry it in your front pocket or hand. 
Peeling an orange in a hotel room in California is illegal. For real, like no joke. Also don’t lose your canary because you won’t be able to whistle for it before 7am. In Connecticut you are not allowed to cross the road on your hands. Darn it. that’s like my favourite thing to do! Offering cigarettes or whisky to zoo animals is strictly illegal in New Jersey, such a shame.
In Florida it is considered a misdemeanor to have sex in any position other than the missionary. It is illegal to mispronounce the name of Arkansas while in the state  – it is not pronounced how it is spelt but rather Ar-kan-saw. It is also a crime for a dog to bark after 6pm in Arkansas.

The list goes on and on… the moral of the story is if you are heading to the US be on your best behaviour at all times, do none of the above and definitely don’t sing whilst wearing a swimming costume in Florida, because that’s illegal too.

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  • Guest: angelbaby015
    Sun 10 - Oct - 2010, 21:15
    Lol... ok, so as an American, I have to say... none of these laws are still in effect! My fiance gets pretty interested in looking up old laws in different states, and he has come across all of these (and sadly a few more not listed). They are not in place anymore though. You will not really get arrested for any of them. The polygamy though, that is a good law!