Suicidal Bankers?


Written by Richard Parker
30 Saturday 30th January 2010

Last week Reuters reported the apparent suicide of Alex Widmer, the Chief Executive Officer of Bank Julius Baer, the Swiss bank with over $300 billion in assets invested ('hidden') on behalf of extremely wealthy individuals and institutions.

Alex Widmer

Bankers always seem to top themselves during times of recession and perhaps the suicide had something to do with bank’s loss of some 60 percent of its share price during 2008. But then things are rarely that simple in the murky world of international banking and a quick root around on Wikileaks (the best online source for all things leaked) turfed up some juicy little titbits.

In February, Bank Julius Baer attempted, unsuccessfully, to sue Wikileaks over whistleblower revelations concerning Baer's internal tax avoidance plan in the Cayman Islands for companies such as the Carlyle Group - a multinational conglomerate that invests in heavily governmental regulated industries such as defence. The Carlyle Group has been called the ‘ex president’s club’ by The Guardian because of the impressive list of former politicians that work or have worked for the company - including President Bush (junior and senior), ex US secretary of state James Baker, ex UK PM John Major, one-time World Bank treasurer Afsaneh Masheyekhi, Frank Carlucci the Former Secretary of Defence and Deputy Director of the CIA, Fidel Valdez Ramos former President of the Philippines and… the list goes on and on.

Bush senior visits Saudi Arabia on behalf of the Carlyle Group

You'll know If you’ve seen Fahrenheit 911 that among the Carlyle Group's investors were the Bin Laden family, who, thanks to their investment in one of the Carlyle Group's defence funds, benefitted very nicely from the Twin Towers attacks as the US increased its defence spending in the run up to war. Murky!

What all this may or may not have to do with poor Widmer’s death, we have no idea. However, a quick look at some of the bankers that have 'committed suicide’ during past recessions and economic downturns, gives us some indication as to the intrigue that, for all we know, may be lurking in this affair for anyone brave or foolhardy enough to investigate. Here is a short list of the best suicidal bankers:


Roberto Calvi hanging from the scaffolding underneath Blackfriars Bridge
Roberto Calvi

Roberto Calvi was an Italian banker who was found by a postman hanging from the scaffolding underneath Blackfriers Bridge in June 1982. He was weighed down by bricks and had £15,000 in different currencies in his pockets.

Calvi was dubbed by the press as ‘God's banker’ because of his close ties to the Vatican. The day before his body was found, he had been stripped of his position as chairman of Italy's second largest private bank, Banco Ambrosiano, due to a massive financial scandal that led to the bank going under with a then staggering $1.4 billion debt. He had been due to appear in an Italian court of appeal, having previously been sentenced to four years’ imprisonment for his role in the disappearance of several billion lire from the bank.

It has been claimed that Calvi used Banco Ambrosiano to launder heroin money for the mafia and that he siphoned off money via the Vatican Bank, which was Banco Ambrosiano's main shareholder. In 1984, the Vatican Bank agreed to pay US$224 million to the 120 creditors of the failed Banco Ambrosiano as a “recognition of moral involvement” in the bank's collapse.

Licio Gelli
Claims have been made that Calvi's death involved the Vatican Bank, the Mafia, and the Italian illegal Masonic lodge, Propaganda Due or P2. One of the most influential figures in the Calvi story was Licio Gelli, now 84. He was Grand Master of the P2 Masonic lodge and was sentenced to 12 years for fraud in connection with the collapse of Banco Ambrosiano.

P2 was sometimes referred to by Italians as a "shadow government" and the lodge had among its members prominent journalists, parliamentarians, industrialists, and military leaders - including the then-future Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, the Savoy pretender to the Italian throne Victor Emmanuel and the heads of all three Italian intelligence services.

Members of P2 referred to themselves as frati neri or "black friars". This has led to a suggestion in some quarters that Calvi was murdered and his body left hanging under Blackfriars Bridge as a Masonic warning because of symbolism associated with the word "Blackfriars".

City of London police pronounced Calvi’s death a suicide after an investigation that lasted no more than a week. It has been suggested that it was a Masonic influence that led the City police to issue this conclusion.

Oleg Zhukovsky
In December 2007 Oleg Zhukovsky, the deputy chairman of the Russian banking giant VTB, was discovered dead in a swimming pool at his dacha outside Moscow. State television suggested suicide despite the fact that his hands and feet were tied.

VTB, headed by Andrei Kostin (a close friend of Putin), is the country’s second-largest bank, after Sberbank, but its share prices had been falling dramatically, prompting outrage from minority shareholders who had expected the government to support the stock.

Murder scene of Andrei Kozlov
However, it has been suggested that Zhukovsky’s death is more likely connected to his involvement in Russia’s timber industry. Zhukovsky was responsible for lending billions to the logging industry, which has reportedly been the scene of a turf war between individuals connected to the Kremlin groups. On May 15, Russia’s Natural Resources Minister Yury Trutnev reported that more than half of the wood in Russia is obtained through illegal means.

Russian bankers have a hard time of it. In October 2006, another VTB employee Alexander Plokhin was shot dead at his home in Moscow in an apparent contract killing. A month before that Andrei Kozlov, the deputy chairman of the Central Bank, was killed as he left the Spartak Moscow football stadium. Kozlov’s job was to clean up the country's utterly corrupt banking sector. He had oversight of some 1,200 banks, dozens of which he suspected of being money-laundering fronts.

Heinrich Kieber

Heinrich Kieber
Although not dead yet, Heinrich Kieber, the ex-employee of the LGT bank of Liechtenstein, has said that he is fearful for his life. Liechtenstein is a landlocked alpine microstate tax haven bordered by Switzerland and Austria. In February of this year Kieber sold Germany's foreign intelligence agency, the BND, for a reported €4.2 million ($6.47 million), several DVDs with data on 1,400 Germans, many of whom had invested their money in foundations in Liechtenstein to circumvent German taxation. Among those embroiled in the scandal was Klaus Zumwinkel, the chairman of the German postal group Deutsche Post, who had his home and offices raided and was forced to step down.

Kieber, who lives in hiding, recently requested a new identity out of fears he may be killed by powerful foreigners and despots who held accounts at the LGT bank. Members of the Saudi royal family are said to be among LGT’s customers as well as former Indonesian dictator Suharto, who died in January and who Indonesian justice authorities claimed illegally funnelled more than a billion Euros into foreign accounts.

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    Sun 16 - Sep - 2012, 20:51
    British Justice. --- Update. Sept 16th 2012. Lawyers --- we cannot promise you’ll get justice but you will get the law. We are getting neither. The Problem.--- the following are supposed to be whiter than white. Lawyers. –Peters & Peters.-London.— Monty Raphael. Q.C. Bankers.- Pictet& Cie.-London- Switzerland.--- Ivan Pictet. Government Institutions . F.S.A.- Financial Services Authority. Police.— Sir Norman Bettison. and numerous West Yorkshire Police officers –guilty of crimes. ** They have broken the “law” but we cannot get “justice.” We were fobbed off in 2005 by the FSA when we pointed out some fifteen shortcomings in their regulatory and legal obligations in dealing with the banks. Along came RBS and all that followed. Banking chaos --- completely out of control. Brought the country to its knees. Our dealings with Law Enforcement bodies at all levels showed the same arrogance --- we are the law we protect our own --- bugger Joe public. --- bugger the laws we are paid to enforce. Sir Norman Bettison –Chief Constable –West Yorkshire Police ordered the Forces Solicitor to ignore a High Court judges ruling to hand over “ non sensitive – unused material” --- . ( can anybody control him.) Monty Raphael Q.C. --- too clever by half --- in conjunction with his client the notorious Pictet & Cie. Swiss Bank --- decide to leave out / destroy crucial documents requested under a High Court Order. None of the above pillar’s of society will take me to Court and say I’m telling untruth’s, I keep on hoping. Read the story; Google; --- Ivan Pictet. Banker.
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    Sun 13 - May - 2012, 23:30
    Pictet & Cie. Bank – list of crimes. 1996 ---- Breach in London. 2003 --- FSA --- States rogues operating in Pictet’s –London Office . Ivan Pictet said documents were forgeries but were lated proved to be genuine. Had documents held in London office destroyed. 2007 --- Japan. ---- The Securities and Exchange Surveillance issued a recommendation that the Prime Minister and The Commissioner of the FSA to take disciplinary action against Pictet Asset Management. Japan Ltd. 2008 --- Dec. ---Pictet Bank state --- “ we have never chosen any funds linked to Madoff.” 2011 --- Madoff Trustees sue Pictet & Cie. For $156 Million. 2011--- Bank at centre of Bribery and money laundering case. Being sued for $350 million. ( In U.S.A.) 2012.--- Geneva Bank Pictet used in Offshore Tax Scheme. U.S. Authority states.
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    Tue 03 - Apr - 2012, 18:19
    The Criminal Super Class. Bankers. Lawyers. Police. Over approximately five years of hitting the internet with a case that involves criminality by a major Swiss Bank , Britain's most prominent fraud lawyer and a regional police force headed by one of Britains top policeman. ( Surely justice should prevail.) In fact the complete opposite even though the offences committed are very serious. Conspiring to Pervert the Course of Justice. Perverting the Course of Justice. Contempt of Court.------------------ plus a dozen or so smaller offences. In the five years some 6-7million e-mails have been forwarded to all Members of Parliaments in Britain and Switzerland, every barrister and chambers in Europe . Every law inforcement body in both countries , and America. Even raised in Parliament twice. The banking fraternity ( somewhat Freemason-ish) fully aware of this case still decide to give the Private Banker of the Year Award to Ivan Pictet --- Pictet & Cie Bank. ( Him being the person most responsible for the crimes committed by him and his bank partners. ) The legal fraternity ( very Freemason -ish ) decide that Monty Raphael of Peters & Peters . London become an honourable Queens Counsellor and to rub the salt in six months later made a Master of the Bench. He also was guilty of all the above offences but so what. At this rate he might become King by the end of the year. The police ( West Yorkshire Police.) headed by Sir Norman Bettison has not improved as a force on fighting crime. They are now worse than the days of the Yorkshire Ripper , when they had him in custody nine times and let him go. If it hadn't been for the South Yorkshire Police force catching the Ripper he would have still been at large to day . Then they wonder why the man in the street becomes angry and decides to riot. All we can do is to continue pressing for justice and up the pressure on the internet for the next five years and beyond.
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    Tue 26 - Apr - 2011, 10:36
    *** Were currently waiting to see if the West Yorkshire Police :- (1) Chief Constable. --- Sir Norman Bettison. (2) Forces Solicitor . -- Mike Percival . (3) Head Of Economic Crime Unit. -- Det . Chief Inspector Steven Taylor. continue to attempt to cover this case up like their F.S.A. counterparts. If they do –“ then watch this space.” We were informed that due to pressure from our M.P. that the Ministry of Justice have asked Lord Myners to investigate our claims that the F.S.A. covered up the illegal activities of Pictet Asset Management. London. It has been noted that the book launch for PICTET was held at Lord Myners Belgravia home.We might as well have asked Ivan Pictet to investigate our complaint.-or someone from FRIENDS RE-UNITED. Lady Myners on Prix PICTET advisory board. The consensus of opinion is the Pictet & Cie should be prosecuted , and that their U.K. banking licence should be taken away. Their Solicitors at Peters & Peters .London “ struck off and prosecuted..” In America ---- they would have all been in prison for the last seven years.
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    Fri 17 - Dec - 2010, 12:07
    Update .Dec . 17 th. 2010. Nov.23 - - -Nov.26 th. 2010. The following sent to - - - - 312- - Lords - - - - - - House of Lords. The following sent to - - - - 649 - - M.P.'s - - - - - House of Commons. BANKS -PARTNERS IN CRIMES. Pictet & Cie Bank. Ivan Pictet. Charles Pictet. Nicolas Pictet. Jacques de Saussure. Jean – Francois Demole. Renaud de Planta. Philippe Bertherat.. Pictet & Cie.- claim they are the “Rolls Royce”of swiss banks. Swiss Banks or more correctly Swizz banks. Swizz. ---- “ a great disappointment.” or a “ fraud.” Fraud. ---“ an intentional deception or dishonesty.”— “a crime.” Crime. ---“ an act committed or omitted in violation of a law.” Serious Crimes . Conspiring to pervert the Course of Justice. Perverting the Course of Justice. Contempt of Court. Pictet & Cie Bank –Partners –(1996—2010)-liable. Peters &Peters – Partners.—(1999----2010)-liable. The bank and it’s officials/lawyers deliberately withheld crucial documents requested under a High Court order. The bank and it’s officials/lawyers deliberately withheld evidence from the Police, and one of it’s account managers Susan Broadhead gave a false witness statement to the Police. Another one of it’s managers Nicholas Campiche ( Now Head of Pictet – Alternative Investments.) concocted a letter pretending to be a client and closed his account. The senior partner (Ivan Pictet.) sought to have numerous documents destroyed,along with those copies held in their London office’s of Pictet Asset Management. Initially stating that they were forgeries then their lawyers Peters & Peters – Monty Raphael –and the barrister Charles Flint.Q.C. later had to admit in Court that the documents were genuine. British Parliament. Hansard .29th March 2007. Barry Sheerman .M.P.—quote. ---------“ Constituents of mine have lost £2 million through fraud. The fraudster used Pictet & Cie - - a French Bank - - and Pictet Asset Management to back the fraud being perpetrated.”” (1) It is a criminal offence for a bank to knowingly act for an undischarged criminal bankrupt in so far as it seeks to assist that criminal bankrupt in the fraudulent movement of monies. ( Money Laundering.) (2) It is a criminal offence for a bank to lie to the police and the bankrupts trustee in bankruptcy in so far as any knowledge of, or dealings with the bank was refuted . (3) A bank can be guilty of Contempt of Court if it fails to comply fully with the Courts order for discovery . (4) The banks contempt is further compounded if it fails to address its error after it is specifically drawn to the to its solicitors attention. ( Monty Raphael). (5) It is a criminal offence under the Financial Services Act to seek to destroy evidence that might be relevant to an investigation . (6) It is a criminal offence not to relinquish control of funds to the Trustee immediately the fact of the bankruptcy is drawn to the banks attention. (7) It is a criminal offence to lie or otherwise obfuscate the lawful and proper enquiries of the F.S.A. In the F.S.A. cover up , they concluded that there had been “ Rogue” elements in Pictet & Cie’s , London operations . They had been moved from their London Office so who was there left to prosecute. “ Unbelievable.” On Dec 9th,2008. the complaint was sent to 150 Members of the House Of Lords and 230 Members of Parliament. *** We thank --David Cameron. M.P. ( Canary Wharf Speech.) Dec. 15th. 2008. Now--- PRIME MINISTER. (1) Bankers who behave irresponsibly should face professional consequences. (2) If anyone is found to have behaved criminally they must be prosecuted. (3) The F.S.A and the Serious Fraud Office should be following up every lead, investigating every suspect transaction . (4) We need to make it 100% clear –those who break the law should face prosecution. (5) That we make sure we root out any wrongdoing that may have happened, whoever is involved, however high or well connected they may be. Ivan Pictet. Managing partner in Pictet & Cie Bank . --- retiring -?. 2010. President of the Geneva Financial Centre. ---stepping down -2010. ? World Bank.committee member.---- ? United Nations. Investment Committee member, Vice President – Global Humanitarian Forum. --- redundant.2010.? Member of the Henokiens. Blackstone Group --- Board Member. Past- President – Geneva Private Bankers association. Past –President – Geneva Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Monty Raphael. ( Peters & Peters.) Quote.” ---- Doyen of U.K. Fraud lawyers. Head of Fraud and Regulatory Dept. ---- stepping down, --2009.? Director of the Fraud Advisory panel. Member of the Law Society of England & Wales. International Bar Association Member. Written Parliamentary Questions received by the table office .. (1) To ask the secretary of state what steps he is taking to ensure that Swiss Banks such as Pictet & Cie do not evade criminal prosecution under EU law even when the illegal act is committed by a London based subsidiary. (2)To ask the secretary of state what steps he is taking to protect the rights of UK citizens who seek redress following criminal activities by Swiss banks with subsidiary offices located in London. On Dec 9th,2008. the complaint was sent to 150 Members of the House Of Lords and 230 Members of Parliament. On Aug 19th.2009.another complainants file regarding the “cover up” was forwarded to the same 380 members. We started our campaign in June 2008 -- via the “net” to highlight our fight to get “justice”. In our second year campaign we hoped to reveal further damning evidence . Due to there being an on going Police investigation into our complaint we are at this moment unable to place dozens of documents on to the “net”. Again we thank other “ E- Mailers” for their information in relation to our campaign. Quote. ( America’s Top Lawyer .) You can be the richest man in the world with the best lawyers that money can buy but you cannot win against a man who has got nothing left to lose and is telling the truth. Truth Hurts. Ivan Pictet. Announces stepping down from Pictet & Cie. 5th Feb 2010. Stepping Down—President of Geneva Financial centre.—2010. Monty Raphael. Steps down as head . May. 2009. *** We note that there has been a sharp increase in Peters & Peters partners leaving to go to other practices. Moving does not alleviate them of any responsibility from any illegalities that may have occurred at Peters & Peters during their partnership tenure. From 1999 onwards. *** Were currently waiting to see if the Police and other Law Enforcement Bodies attempt to cover this case up like their F.S.A. counterparts. If they do –“ then watch this space.” We were informed that due to pressure from our M.P. that the Ministry of Justice have asked Lord Myners to investigate our claims that the F.S.A. covered up the illegal activities of Pictet Asset Management. London. The consensus of opinion is the Pictet & Cie should be prosecuted , and that their U.K. banking licence should be taken away. Their solicitors at Peters & Peters .London -- prosecuted and” struck off”.. *** Started campaign --- June 6th.2008. 2 years ---- approx 2million e-mails - - - but still no writs, injunctions or threats of litigation - - - WHY - - - because it is all true. *** . The bigger they are --- the harder they fall.!!! In America ---- they would have all been in prison for the last seven years. Nov.23rd --Nov.26th. 2010 . The above sent to ------ 312 - - Lords - - - House of Lords. The above sent to --- --649 - - M.P.'s - - - House of Commons._ Full Story. Go to search box on “Google” and insert ( Ivan Pictet / Monty Raphael) or insert ( Pictet & Cie / Monty Raphael ) - - then try it on “Google”. Or try on Yahoo. - - - ( Charles Flint Q.C.) . Or try on Yahoo - - - ( Nicholas Campiche.)