Suicide by Twitter


12 Monday 12th April 2010

Now here is something that made me laugh. A Labour party politician managed to get himself fired because of his tweets. Labour candidate in Moray, Scotland, Stuart MacLennan was the unlucky gent.

He said "God this fairtrade, organic banana is shit. Can I have a slave grown, chemically enhanced, genetically modified one please?" Now if you didn't manage a smirk reading that, then spare a thought for everytime you've walked away from your desk leaving your Facebook or Twitter account unguarded. Only to come back and find that you've not only come out of the closet but are also a budding Kabbalah enthusiast who now looks like Gary Coleman.

MacLennan apparently posted profanity about his party, the opposition politicians, celebrities and local people. I could see how this would lead to an immediate dismissal as it mirrors insulting your colleagues, airing out their grievances with people who work in the same building, celebrities that people like but don't really care about, the tea lady and the office cleaner.

Gordon Brown claimed that it was a mistake that could only be rectified by resignation of his fellow Scottish countryman. It also highlighted the down side of politicians using the internet to gain support. Labour obviously jumped at the opportunity to ostracise one of their own before the Tories came weighing in, trying to link it with parliamentary expenses.

Someone should make a TV show about the Houses of Parliament. It seems like it would be a weirdly funny place to work. So much fuss about insignificant things and less attention on the pressing matters. Mr Stuart MacLennan has made himself the first casualty of the May 6 general election. More, I'm sure, will follow.

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  • Guest: terradinah
    Wed 24 - Nov - 2010, 00:51
    There is a TV show about the Houses of Parliament, it's called Yes Minister (and there is the subsequent Yes Prime Minister) and if what amuses you so much about the Houses of Parliament is what you were hoping for, those two co-joined series have it in spades.