Superb Cigarette Designs


10 Thursday 10th March 2011

Sure, smoking’s bad for you, but it seems an awful lot more harmless when nestled in a well-designed box. So, let us take a walk down soon-to-be memory lane and look at the best-designed fag packs – you will be missed.

Camel No. 9 leather skin 

A style like this almost sell a lifestyle rather than a smoke. With paper pressed to look like alligator skin, a nice gloss and rich colours (in both masculine and feminine varieties), they may well make the posh drool in desire.


With a name like Death, it has to be good! Erm... right? This pessimistic spawn of the 90s was pretty straightforward about what might happen if you consume their product. They were also oddly 'pure', featuring ink-free hemp paper wrapping the tobacco, which had no added chemicals leaf). Sadly, the company itself couldn't survive, and faded away in 1999.

Ciggy Coffins


Taking the message of morbidity to it's natural conclusion, these designs are sadly on conceptual, but delightful nonetheless. The pack on the left was designed by Ukrainians Reynolds & Reyner and the one of the right by Didac Catalán.


Hope & Peace

To counter all that heavy black, here's a couple of gems from Japan. Showing that smoking doesn't have to be all doom and gloom, Japan Tobacco created these uplifting brands. Shouldn't really be surprising coming from the company that was responsible for these incredible and downright surreal anti-smoking adverts.

Flying Horse & The Baby

Not to be outdone in the weird stakes however, China has produced a number of excellent smoking mascots that make Camel look like dowdy amateurs. I mean, a Flying Horse, really?

Harley Davidson & King Mountain

The land of the Marlboro Man has employed some wonderfully patriotic, testosterone-loaded imagery to sell its cigarettes. These are the kind of fag packets one can only carry strapped to their bulging biceps by the sweat-stained sleeve of a rugged plaid shirt.

Cavalier & London Lords

Not every pack of American cigarettes pumps out 'Star-Spangled Banner' upon opening however. Some clearly long for the crumpet-laden sophistication of their European forefathers. Evoking the kind of twee Anglophilia wherein all of us limeys are knocking neighbours with HRH The Queen, these even come in 'Extremely Mild' flavour. Presumably so as not to interfere with one's tea.

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