T-Mobile Are Probably Racist


Written by Dick Paulish
22 Monday 22nd March 2010

It’s not every day you find yourself walking past a big sign saying that people with dark skin colour now too can afford flashy mobile phone deals. Well, actually it is.

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  • Guest: dillinja101
    Wed 24 - Mar - 2010, 13:44
    @guest-kingjl99. lol. sounds like you need a break, have a kit kat. count to ten, take a deep breath and think, is your time really that valuble? probably not, at least in a monetary sense. i think the method employed was sarcasm and satire. maybe make a video of yourself boiling over and post it on youtube. whatever you need to get your feelings out man. fist bump.
  • Guest: kingjl99
    Wed 24 - Mar - 2010, 13:09
    UHHHHMMM. How can you denounce a poster for being racist whilst simultaneously making racist assumptions ("her sons got a rude iphone, that he got unlocked down Peckham market") So because she is black her son is a rudeboy who gets his phones illegally? That piece of racism neatly proves the logic behind the advertisers poster, namely black people cant afford expensive phones. Followed by the fact your attack on advertising is ended with some shit about what kind of phones we should be desiring (not "LG or Samsung" so presumably an iphone or blackberry) Isn't your attack on bad advertising and therfore the idiotic nature of consumerism marred by the fact that you reply is both racist and based around consumerist ideas? I'm not sure why I even wrote this its a big waste of my time. Much like reading your article, next time try being funny or clever. There is a subways two minutes down the road from your office why dont you transfer there where you skills may be of more use?
  • Guest: Dillinja101
    Wed 24 - Mar - 2010, 11:35
    Haha. Funnily enough I saw this about 3 weeks ago and was like WTF!?! Now anyone can have a smart phone (even black people). I took a photo of it cause it's fricken weird, its s little stereotypical to say "who's got the shittiest phones and no nothing about the wonderful term 24 months binding contract. What happened to mixing it up like a mid 00's horror movie with a cast of all colours, the mr t black guy, the smart oriental, a couple of gangster Latinos a stupid stoner White guy and to top it off an Englishman and irishman and a Frenchman. And Paris Hilton, to cover the special needs category.
  • Guest: sauldechristo
    Wed 24 - Mar - 2010, 11:17
    I guess its just a coincidence that only black actors were cast in this advert, right? If some people are naive enough to believe this, they have no idea how the advertising industry works. These actors were selected as they represent the customer t mobile wish to target. If this were an advert for business to business tariffs the same actors would not be used. I think the author has made a valid observation about this advert. MrJohn_smyth is correct on his observation that Tmobile are assuming black people are the lower end of the market and therefore represent everyone at the lower end.
  • Guest: craigymcl
    Wed 24 - Mar - 2010, 10:52
    Reading far too much into this I think.
  • cam_guin
    Tue 23 - Mar - 2010, 15:50
    ba-zing! still. i don't get this article one iota.
  • Guest: mrjohn_smyth
    Tue 23 - Mar - 2010, 15:37
    I think the point of this article is that T-Mobile have segmented their market and are assuming black people (pictured)are at the lower end and therefore won't have smart phones (with apps)
  • Guest: johnbaverstock
    Mon 22 - Mar - 2010, 20:19
    It seems to me Mr Dick Paulish that you are the one who is probably racist. Unable to deal with two black people on an advert you assume that the company selling the product has some hidden agenda....Is it so strange that we might have to black actors/models on one poster and no white people? Or do you find that offencive? Perhaps you need to go back and adjust your prejudices before considering yourself a journo...Or apply for a job with the Daily Mail...because you sir are out of order!