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Techbros Biohack Vaginas to Smell Like Peaches


21 Friday 21st November 2014

Unveiling their revolutionary discovery at a tech conference in San Jose this week, the pair want to 'empower' your pussy by making it resemble a fruit which, in some parts of Asia, denotes happiness, riches, honour and longevity. Qualities the guys no doubt attribute to their product.

James and the Giant Peach. 

Although the pair are probably revelling in their interference with the natural order, it is worth noting that they don't extend the offers to their own genitalia. While they have developed a similar product to make your dog's shit smell like bananas (I'd like to see their reasoning behind this), there's no supp to make a dick smell like a passionfruit and mango smoothie. Men can get yeast infections as well guys! Why aren't you trying to spread the love at home first?

Kickstarter didn't want to host their project on their site, as it was 'too controversial.' They had to settle with some gross also-ran called Tilt. The pair chose to focus on women because they only have one 'interference' a month. Not really sure what this means. Do Heinz and Gome jack it too much to expriment on themselves? Probably. Either way, I'm glad they're being scientific about the whole thing and definitely not referring to periods as an interference. 

Your vagina can smell like your college boyfriend's stash box 

'Sweet Peach Probiotics' (gag) aim to provide health benefits for women, much like the active ingredient in Activia yoghurt, bifidobacteria. By being able to modify what your vagina smells like, you can supposedly regain your confidence and feel empowered again, as if Gok Wan was selecting figure-flattering outfits for you and feeding you pro-biotic treats.

Someone call P Diddy and the boys over at 112, those fiends are finally getting their Peaches and Cream. 

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