The American Dream?


Written by Hannah Grantz
06 Wednesday 06th October 2010
I wonder what the ladies at the Seneca Falls women’s rights rally would think of Sarah Palin? After all, “We hold these truths to be self-evident:  that all men and women are created equal” (Seneca Falls Declaration, 1848). But would they be impressed by her role as a successful governor of the largest state in America?  Would they be even more impressed that she has a loving husband who stands behind her (literally, when they are on stage) and supports her every move and motion?  Would they be astonished at her ability to raise five children, including one with Down’s syndrome, and question how a woman could keep so many priorities in check?  Would the women of Seneca Falls be proud of the stance that they took in 1848, which allowed Sarah Palin to have her success today?  And, as an iconic career woman, a mother, and a wife, is Sarah Palin a representative of the American Dream? 
2008 was a big year for females in America, having both Palin and Hillary Clinton running for the most powerful seats in the US government, even though neither of them turned out successful in their campaigns. But at least we’re making progress across the pond. Geraldine Ferraro started this trend of powerful women back in 1984 when she too came up short in her run for Vice President, but now, although she’s a democrat and disagrees with Palin on most political topics, is one of Sarah Palin’s biggest supporters. When asked if Mrs. Palin would be facing questions about her newborn baby or how she deals with her teenage daughter, Bristol, recently having a child if she was a man, Ferraro responded, “Definitely not, most men get round it by giving that parenting job to their wives.” Unlike Ferraro, most liberal feminists, however, whose life goals are to bring equality to women all over the world, have suddenly turned on their own kind. 
We know women are cruel to one another, especially to possibly threatening, beautiful, intelligent, and powerful women. But come on, don’t hate her because the media tells you to. I admit she’s an easy target; it’s natural to take a magnifying glass to seemingly perfect people. 
And maybe Sarah Palin’s rise to fame is not representative of the American Dream for all women.  Maybe she represents the American Dream for parents of soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, for parents of special needs children, for parents of five children, or for women with supportive, loving husbands standing behind them. But if still none of those, she’s definitely a role model for young girls who dream of doing something with their lives that will make a difference to someone, somewhere. Americans believe that the promise of equality is an integral part of the American Dream, and that any person is capable of accomplishing any thing. 
So for now, I’ll keep rocking my hot pink “Sarah Palin 2012” t-shirt, complete with a lipstick print design and “you betcha” slogan, and tell any person who jumps on the bash-Palin bandwagon not to hate what they can’t be. 

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  • Guest: charlie.brooker
    Sat 01 - Jan - 2011, 20:31
    American Dream as defined by West Side Story "Life is alright in america, if you are white in america"
  • Guest: charlie.brooker
    Sat 01 - Jan - 2011, 20:29
    what a bunch of brain deaad comments!!!Its a well written article in terms of its feminist perspective, but I have no praise for this dreadful woman. She should not be given the presidency because she is a woman, no more than Barack should hav become president because he is black. The American Dream is precisly that. A Dream. A mythical thing, something cherished in Hollywood, and folklore and the like and created for idiots to digest just like there was wmd's in Iraq, and Pearl Harbour was a trigger for the US to enter WW2. "Palin SHOULD BECOME PRESIDENT BECAUSE SHE IS BEAUTIFUL" Well in that case lets have Megan Fox running in 2012 as well then
  • Guest: drw232p
    Fri 08 - Oct - 2010, 21:00
    Palin will be the next president. She is exactly what washington needs right. She would come in with a hammer and start whacking republicans and dems across the face who are going against the will of the people, which is why both party establishments despise her. Haven't we learned what wins elections after the last campaign cycle? People were excited for obama and were willing to get out and help him get elected. Everywhere Palin goes she draws THOUSANDS of people who are willing to wait out in the freezing cold or PAY to hear her speak. She facebooks about "death panels" from her kitchen table and single-handedly changed the healthcare debate about the "end of life" option. She is incredibly powerful and she alone right now could launch a massive campaign that would destroy the hope and change machine. Show me another politician who completely dismantled the corruption within their OWN party like Palin did as governor in AK and i will vote them. Show me another politician who campaigned against the excesses and then sold the private jet, fired the private chef, and refused the governor's car like Palin did and i will vote for them. Show me another politician who is 100% self-made, held a 90% approval rating as governor at a time when republicans were hated throughout the country and i will vote for them. The fact is there is no one else with a resume that even comes close to Palin regarding REAL reform.
  • Guest: slammindoorranch
    Thu 07 - Oct - 2010, 15:11
    As opposed to the thousands of babies that they are killing daily now?
  • Guest: Sunshine.caulker
    Thu 07 - Oct - 2010, 15:00
    Women dislike her because she would take the right to control what happens to their own body away from them. It's quite widely documented, but you seem to have forgotten it. If she gained political power, thousands of women would die from backstreet abortions every year in America.
  • Guest: slammindoorranch
    Thu 07 - Oct - 2010, 13:43
    Wonderful words and beautifully written, Miss Grantz. Governor Palin has helped to fill a void that existed in America for far too long. She has proven that it is not only acceptable, but commendable to be beautiful, brilliant, successful AND conservative. Handling the press and her critics with ease, and staying true to herself, her values and her family show her courage and conviction in the American Dream. She is an American patriot in every sense of the word. PALIN 1012!!!
  • Guest: jburleigh
    Thu 07 - Oct - 2010, 13:32
    Love it! Palin is such a strong icon for women and women's equality! Especially since there is such inequality present today in modern british society.