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The Crouch End Festival 2014


Written by Robert Foster
02 Monday 02nd June 2014

The upcoming Crouch End Festival (6th – 15th June 2014) showcases the talent of local artists, creatives and performers in local shops, galleries, cafes and bars. The result is series of events held over 10 days every summer, ranging from art workshops and impromptu drama performances, to Poets in Phone Boxes and acoustic music sets, as well as the pop up cinema and puppet shows. Over the last two years the event has gone from strength to strength and Crouch End Festival 2014 promises to be a stunner.

The idea for the festival came from fellow creatives, Chris Arnold and James Bridgman, whose vision of bringing together local creative professionals to develop ideas, skills and business ventures inspired Marice Cumber and Paul Sinclair to help launch the inaugural festival in 2012.

"When we started the festival, it was simply to create a small event which would be an opportunity for community and creative artists and performers to interact and build local connections. We never expected it to be embraced so wholeheartedly by everyone in the area, and for schools, community groups, churches and local businesses to all get involved so quickly. Rather than the 30 events we originally planned, it turned into over 150 in the first year." - James Bridgman, co-founder

Check out the events calender here and get involved!

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