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Written by Don't Panic
04 Thursday 04th December 2014

I could go on to talk about 'immersive sound' with a 'dynamic physical score', but for those out there who already feel a bit lost, let's make this a bit simpler.

Firstly, the venue for this extravaganza is a pretty cool basement set up, which once housed none other than the great Alexander McQueen himself. You starting to get the vibe? Expect a sense of the strange and dark as you're greeted after dark by a series of comic characters who gently invite you to partake in this seductive, social experience.

The show is built up of live music consisting of looped percussion and vocal harmonies, providing the backdrop to some pretty great theatrical action and slipping seamlessly into the after hours party where you can expect to be getting a little tipsy from the private bar and up on your feet dancing to the lineup of DJs who will be keeping you moving until the early hours.

If you're making an evening of it and fancy something warm and Swedish to line your stomach you can pop over to the restaurant also housed in the basement space, but this is a separate venture and requires booking ( OR perhaps even better is the cosy mezzanine cocktail bar "The Loft" which is inside the Swedish restaurant, but upstairs.

Anyone coming from 'The Development' is welcome into the restaurant & can go straight upstairs to get cosy on the sofas and drink from the incredible cocktail menu. The Gingerbread Espresso Martini is their signature Swedish drink, and with a certain *cough* Christmas *cough* looming it's a totally great start to the festive season. Those hardened partiers might also find it of interest that Fabric is JUST AROUND THE CORNER so time it right and you could be out all night.

Suddenly, it all makes so much sense!

The show runs from 13 November - 21 December, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and tickets are just a few bob off a tenner.

For more information and to purchase your tickets check out the website

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