The 6 Strangest Political Tattoos You'll See Today


Written by Dont Panic
17 Wednesday 17th May 2017

Recently Jeremy Corbyn launched Labour's electoral manifesto at an event in Bradford. One party member, Charli Boylin, asked Corbyn for his signature on her arm, but implored him to write it straight as she planned to get it tattooed. Boylin lived up to her promise, as you can see below; she plans to get an arm sleeve of tattoos, whether she keeps Corbyn's daubing after 9th June remains to be seen. It's certainly a nice dedication to the Islington North MP, but also comes across as a sort of novelty anecdote you whip out at a party; 'Look guys, you'll never guess what I have tattooed!'.

It's undoubtedly one of the better political tattoos we've seen though, well executed and in fairly good taste. Let's take a look at some truly strange political tattoos (bear in mind all tattoos are strange and silly, obviously).

The Iron Lady meets Mr. Whippy. Grantham-based tattoo artist Louis Maier got this tribute to Margaret Thatcher in 2013. Maybe you think the dessert design is in reference to Thatcher (also born in Grantham) being an ice queen or milk snatcher (dairy?), but in fact nods to her pre-politics science career, where she apparently helped invent soft serve ice cream.  

In 2012, 19 year old pub worker Lewis Jolly got a £180 tattoo of then-London Mayor Boris Johnson; it was a time when Johnson won a re-election, introduced a new fleet of buses and presided over a successful Olympics. Jolly stated that 'I don’t really know why I did it but I just like him because he is a funny guy... He brings a smile to everyone’s face and the great thing is that he does not take things too seriously. That is how you should live your life.' Now, after the EU referendum and Boris' blunders as foreign secretary, many people regard Johnson in a far less flattering light; let's hope Jolly has hairy thighs and long shorts...

Milifandom was a strange old time. It's hard to believe, but in 2015 people felt Ed Miliband's Labour had a fighting chance against David Cameron's Conservatives. Despite Miliband's total lack of leadership qualities, memorable policies (apart from the odd one the Tories have stolen) and personality, people earnestly attempted to generate enthusiasm for Miliband. It all came off as inadvertantly patronising, each meme and status update reminding you of Miliband's weaknesses and the desperation to give him a boost; even Hannah Stock's tattoo looks like a mocking rendition of Miliband as Che Guevara, while the years make it look like he died, when it's only his political prospects which have expired.

This is exactly the kind of depiction you'd want of Corbyn; humble, unvarnished, a good socialist tattoo for Corbynistas to adoringly stare at. Its bearer is 19-year old (same age as Lewis Jolly- young people make silly life changing decisions, you say?) Kierran Horsfield, a resolute Labour party supporter; through Corbyn's policies to increase youth engagement in politics, restore benefits for young people and reduce housing costs, it appears Corbyn has Kierran's back in more ways than just a tattoo.

We covered this one pretty succinctly at the time. But just to add: LOL. LOL forever.

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