The Most Bizarre Anti-Smoking Adverts Ever!


Written by Dont Panic
31 Monday 31st October 2016

Anti-smoking adverts tends to be pretty straightforward. Smoke a cigarette? You get a low sperm count/underweight baby, lung, bladder, throat, stomach and/or colon cancer, increased stroke risk, DEATH, harm to other people and a gross smell. Whether the message is spelled out in words or graphic images, we're all on the same page about the effects of smashing tabs. So big up The Real Cost for finding strange new ways of spreading the warning through their videos. We have...

A Black Mirror-esque parable, because young people are all about their gadgets and can only understand the analogue act of smoking via cutting edge technology like... USB sticks. Maybe this idea was commissioned a few years ago and by 2020 we'll have one with 'damn Daniel, back at it with the rollies!' Shouldn't the bowling girl have a hacking cough after physical exertion too?

Next up, one based on the The Three Little Pigs. Surely we should be celebrating the Marlboro Man for having beaten the big bad wolf after all? Not only that, but causing the wolf to experience that golden combination of a shortened lifespan plus a slow, painful death. In addition, are the company behind this video trying to say that every person that doesn't smoke is a pig? Seems like a swine-heavy world the wolf lives in.

Last up, the dangers of dipping tobacco, in this video portrayed as a kind of The Blob-meets-Dune-via-Japanese-tentacle-porn. Who even dips tobacco aside from grizzled rural folk in films? 

The unfortunate thing is that these video are all pretty entertaining and if people stop smoking then they won't have to be made anymore. So keep on huffing away everyone, quality video content > emphysema!

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