The Sun Hates Facebook


Written by Joseph Wade
15 Monday 15th March 2010

Search 'Facebook' on The Sun's site and you will discover a barrage of articles portraying the social network as a place for fiends, pedophile and bullies.

Some highlights include:  Facebook killer not a risk, raped girl was told; Facebook 'rape' student in court; How Facebook ruins marriages; Neds’ Facebook blitz on hardline sheriff and a two for the price of one attack on one of The Sun's other foes in the form of BBC blows fortune on Facebook classes. And this is only the first page of search results, which doesn’t even include the printed articles that don’t make the website.

For a stark contrast, search The Sun for related articles on ‘MySpace’ and discover how the rival social network has tackled the pedophile problem: Purge wipes 90,000 pervs off MySpace and how its now safe for the kids according to Talkin' bout MySpace generation, how MILLIONS of Britain's kids are now logging on to social networking websites every day. You would never guess that a certain Rupert Murdoch runs both companies.

The problem for Murdoch is that since News Corps' $580m purchase of the social network, the kids just aren't logging onto MySpace. The site now stands at number 23 in the Alexa rankings (behind such online destinations as HSBC) whereas Facebook is number two, only trailing Google.

The launch of MySpace Music was intended to refocus the site away from direct competition with Facebook but the strategy so far has not worked. As traffic continues to dwindle expect more smears from one of Murdochs' old media organs, in a desperate rear guard action against one of his new media competitors.

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