Weirdest Vending Machines


Written by Charlie Cole
10 Tuesday 10th July 2012

Most people would scream if they popped some money into a snack machine and a pair of stag beetles instead of a Mars bar, but not in Japan. The live pet beetle vending machine has become one of the most popular inventions since self-slicing bread. The theory behind the machine was that young children mainly live in towns and cities, miles away from nature and its creatures and they need a way to keep a connection between the two. The concept seems to have worked, as every machine sells out in minutes of being refilled, and there is now one vending machine for every 23 people in Japan.

Anger Release Vending Machine

Swiss and Danish artist duo Yarisal and Kublitz are responsible for this insane invention. Tired of being frustrated in their day to day lives, the artists created a handy and cost effective way to release your anger without damaging your own property. The anger release machine dispenses an array of china and glassware for you to smash at your leisure. What’s even better is that you don’t need to tidy up those irritating glass splinters that stick into your foot long after your anger has passed, as the plates and glasses all break in the handy metal trough at the bottom of the vender. Now that truly is a cheap and convenient alternative to therapy.

Torah Vending Machine

In Jerusalem Central Bus Station, thanks to the Torah vending machine, passengers can spend a few minutes studying the Torah without having to lug the cumbersome book around in their luggage. Crisps and chocolates have been switched for religious literature in this ingenious attempt to make Torah reading more accessible in people’s busy schedules. Small snippets of religious teachings are dispensed to the buyer, each one focussing on a different aspect of the Holy book. Now isn’t that more nourishing than some pickled onion monster munch?

Authentic Fresh Pizza Machine

The Let’s Pizza machine is the very first of its kind. Its mission is to eliminate the frozen food culture that dominates vending machine across the world. This machine kneads the dough, shapes it and adds a selection of toppings according to your preferences. Ready in 2.5 minutes, this pizza is said to rival any authentic Italian stone baked pizza. I refuse to believe this is true and the Italian who invented the machine should be ashamed of himself.

School Girl Panty Machines

Only. In. Japan. These machines are actually illegal now but have still been spotted by beady eyed tourists making their way through the more remote parts of the country. The oddest sighting was by a couple who found the machine between a Bible vending machine and a school.

Smart Car Vending Machine

Strangely enough this machine doesn’t take cash. Thanks to one brilliant idea and lots of people with more money than sense, you can actually own a smart car with this handy automobile vending machine. Initially created as a novel product to rent cars for half an hour at car shows, its popularity grew and grew until demand reached such a height that the manufacturers decided to create a permanent installation to give out cars upon request. Throw-away culture at its finest. 

iPod Vending Machine

Apple creating yet another way to shove their monopolising product down our throats? Surely not? Unfortunately the iPod vending machine is very real, and actually very successful. Every single iPod, iPhone and iAccessory available on the market can be found in this handy dispenser. There have been downsides to the venture however, with incidents of vandalism increasing in number every month.

Live Crab Vending Machine

Fishing really is just too much like hard work. Luckily if you want fresh crab in China all you have to do is work a coin operated vending machine. Coming in three sizes, the Dazha hairy crab machines have become an incredible hit, with hundreds being sold every day. As odd as these machines are, their demographic is even more unusual. The live crabs are intended for commuters. Nothing like a live crab at eight in the morning. 

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