The Wild Side of Normal


Written by Don't Panic
24 Monday 24th March 2014

Tired of the same old? People often take comfort in routines. We like going to the same places and doing the same things. In a sometimes unpredictable world, routines somehow make us feel safe. But are we truly getting enough bang for the buck in our magical journey through life? Below are four alternatives to the ordinary that will hopefully inspire us to deviate, and occasionally take the road less traveled.

1) So Bad, Yet So Good

There is MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) and then there is MoBA (Museum of Bad Art). Its tagline is, “ART TOO BAD TO BE IGNORED.” MoBA was founded in 1993 with its showroom in the basement of a Boston home. It currently has two locations, one being the Somerville Gallery which is next to the men’s room of a 1927 movie theater, and the other is in the offices of Brookline Access Television. If you can’t make your way to Boston to see this brilliant assortment of bad, you can see some of The Collection on their website. Get ready for a gaze and cringe experience. Some of it is pretty scary, but honestly, I’ve seen worse at places like The Guggenheim.


2) Cinema Sanctuary

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is no ordinary movie theater. If you haven’t been to one, you probably heard about them. They are all business when it comes to providing a pleasurable time at the movies. No children under the age of six are allowed, so you don’t have to worry about crying babies. Talking is not permitted during a movie and don’t even think about using your phone or a military-like offensive will swoop down and pluck you from the premises (as this voicemail by an angry, phone-using customer shows). All of these strict policies—and others not mentioned here—result in a most harmonious film viewing experience. They have Sing-Alongs, Quote-Alongs, Festivals, Mystery Movies, and so much more. Oh, and they bring you beer. Someday, people might say that places like The Alamo Drafthouse helped save cinema.


3) Sunshine, Parrots, and Playtime

Looking for a little high-stakes action for your evening combined with plenty of nods to several pop culture icons? Two solutions: You can stay at home and play the D.C. slots, such as the ones modeled after the narratives of Batman and Green Lantern, at InterCasino; Or, you can visit The Margaritaville Casino at The Flamingo in Las Vegas. This Jimmy Buffet-inspired casino is plastered with parrots and vibrant colors while providing a relaxed, sunny island atmosphere. If you find yourself on Jimmy’s island, you will not be able to resist ordering a Margarita at The Five O’Clock Somewhere Bar. If you are tired of the typical casino experience, this one could just what you are looking for. Just remember, if you drop a little too much cash, "it’s your own damn fault."


4) The Dynamic Duo: Comic Books and Burgers

Those two things are all people really need to survive, so why not have a restaurant that focuses on both essentials? Action Burger in Brooklyn, New York was opened by two comic book guys and offers everything from Hero Wraps to Villain Cheese Steak. Universe-rocking liquor smoothies and milkshakes are also popular items served. Comic books are found at every table and the décor is perfectly in tune with the theme. Eat, play video games, read comic books, watch your favorite superhero on the screens, or just have in-depth, philosophical conversations—as long as they are about comic books. It’s really the only place where you can enjoy a meal, sip a beer, and talk about the comic book universe, while everyone around you is doing exactly the same thing. Sounds like heaven.

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