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There's An Adult Ball Pit In London


Written by Jack Blocker
30 Friday 30th January 2015

Move over Cereal Cafe, there's a new venue in town promising to take you back to the days of playground cruelty and sugar rushes. An adult ball pit has opened in Hammersmith, west London. Although it sounds like a dark room in a Vauxhall club, it's actually far more sinister than that. Check it out!

The pit is the brainchild of a creative agency called Pearlfisher. Rather than opt for the multi-coloured balls of our actual childhoods, they've gone for an all-white look. Call me crazy, but the sterile aesthetic makes me think the director of this stunt is the Howard Hughes of infantilised perversions.

Despite my cynicism, I've really nothing against London's supposed regression towards childhood. I haven't been affected by it, and If you want to play ping-pong and munch Lucky Charms, go right ahead. I approve of any activity that gets people away from their desks, and as long as there's still a tidy 'Spoons I can drink Tuborg in, I'm happy.

Having said that, Pearlfisher's ball pit just doesn't sit right with me. The video's description says that the installation is supposed to 'celebrate how childlike fun and freedom encourages and promotes pure creativity.' If you think really hard, being a child wasn't as awesome as the internet seems to think. Sure, there was LEGO and Bulldog, but there was also confusion, tears and the sort of bullying that's usually reserved for foreign despots.

Plus, folks who mythologise 'childlike fun' usually turn out to be proper wrong 'uns (Michael Jackson, Rolf Harris).

Anyways, if you think I'm crazy and totally over analysing a fairly harmless bit of fun, then get yourselves down to the Pearlfisher Gallery, 50 Brook Green, W6 7BJ, before Friday 13 February. See you in the pit.

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