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There's An App Dedicated To Cuddling


Written by Jack Blocker
23 Tuesday 23rd September 2014

At some unknown point in time, these aged snowflakes threw down their Ottolenghi cookbooks and issues with intimacy and learned how to code. As a result, we now have Cuddlr. Check out the video:

Cuddlr: because sometimes you just want a cuddle. from Charlie Williams on Vimeo.

As you can see, Cuddlr is dedicated to those who just want to hug. One folly lies in it's innocence. Why feel wary of a potential cuddle partner when all they want to do is wrap their arms around you? BOOM, now you're abducted.

Get away from me Faye you weirdo!

Even if you don't get squeezed in someone's arms and then into the back of a trunk, Cuddlr isn't going to fulfil you in any meaningful way. Tinder was often labelled a symbol of our social regression: We've lost the ability to approach each other IRL, so now we need an app to instigate it. At least with Tinder, normal social graces resumed when the people actually met. You may have hugged at the end of the date. You may have even got a shag. Either way, at least you had a chat over a pint like a decent human being.

With Cuddlr, you're just infantilising social interaction, further hindering whatever chance you have of forming meaningful relationships with anyone. If you want a cuddle, go hug your best mate. Or your mum. Or a cat. Don't go hugging the only stranger sadder than you.

Also, what the hell kind of cuddle is this?

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