Top Journalism Stings


Written by Brian Welk
30 Sunday 30th May 2010

1. Kate Moss Cocaine Scandal

If you want to prove that a model used cocaine, you stay committed to your story even when your subject has successfully sued you for false allegations. The Daily Mirror stayed true to exposing Kate Moss’s cocaine usage, and eventually, they obtained private photos of her supposedly snorting five lines of blow in 40 minutes. The photos of her sold for £150,000 and did a number on her modeling career.













2. Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle

Sinclair’s 1906 novel may be fictional, but it was written based on his own undercover reporting and “muckracking” of the Chicago meatpacking industry. Those who read The Jungle were alarmed at the abominable working conditions of meatpackers, many of whom died, fell into vats and lost limbs while working, but more so at the fact that they were eating horribly contaminated food.


3. Nellie Bly’s Ten Days in a Mad-House

Meet the first undercover journalist: Elizabeth Jane Cochran, better known by her pseudonym Nellie Bly. She did an undercover expose for Joseph Pulitzer in the New York World by convincing dozens of experts to commit her to a mental institution. She remained there for ten days and chronicled the horrible living, treatment and eating conditions offered to the patients. She believed a handful of the patients were as sane as she was, but the awful care shown to them would drive them mad.











4. John Howard Griffin’s Black Like Me

Perhaps the ultimate social experiment is the case of John Howard Griffin, a white man who in 1959 underwent a procedure to pigment his skin to look black. He spent six months as a black man and toured the southern states, only to receive vicious stares from whites, experience problems in finding a bathroom and more, all of which was documented in his 1961 non-fiction book Black Like Me.

5. Don’t Panic TV exposes Alan Duncan

We couldn’t resist. We so love the way in which DPTV snuck a hidden video camera into Parliament to candidly capture conservative MPs Alan Duncan and Nigel Evans on tape as they give their hypocritical words on their massive gardens paid for by pleb tax dollars. Watch the video



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