Top Television Spats


Written by Marlon Dolcy
01 Monday 01st November 2010

Jeremy Kyle was inflicted with paper cut wounds the other week after a contestant hurled an envelope at his head. It was interesting viewing but security stopped it from realizing its full potential for quality entertainment.

Yes it would have been great if it kicked off on television if it weren’t for those pesky bouncers. Instead we were subjected to a useless slang match of who could shout the loudest.
“I CAN” said Jeremy Kyle. “NO I CAN” replied benefit thug, and so on and so forth. This is perhaps something that has been missing from television for quite some time; the spontaneous and real fisticuffs of people on television. Now it’s all X Factor this, dancing with the Stars that; with people who have no passion or fire in their belly.
Now in order to get my kicks from mindless violence, I the bars of London on a Friday night. Well back in the day it wasn’t like this. Every now and again shows like Parky would have some ke-razy celeb like Oliver Reed throwing their toys out the pram. Often it was no Ali versus Fraser, but it still got the adrenaline going.
Here are some interesting spats courtesy of YouTube:
Bjork attacks a reporter
Keith Richards attacks invader
Grace Jones attack

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