Top Uses for Roadkill


Written by Caroline Doyle
23 Friday 23rd July 2010

The End of History is a 55% ABV bottle of beer from the hippest hops merchants Brew Dog, released for sale today in the UK. As well as earning the accolade for most alcoholic beer, The End of History is also the most expensive, at £500 a bottle, and the only one poured from the gaping mouth of startled roadkill. The furry vessels, we are assured, died from natural causes and expressly wished to donate their bodies to the cause.

It’s nice to know, in these times of scare-mongering, and the vilification of our hardworking binge drinkers, that there is still a beer company proud to support the noble pursuit of drinking, to the extent that they will manipulate deceased Farthing Wood characters to prove it.
What an inventive use for an under appreciated natural resource too! But Brew Dog aren’t the only people hitting the roads with a plastic bag and a shovel. People all over are embracing roadkill (not literally, eeww) in their everyday lives, so what are you waiting for?
Here’s some inspiration...
The Washington Post reports that in Washington state, the many deers killed on the road are being placed in compost stalls and turned to mulch. Do you not remember that bit in Bambi when the fluorescent clad highway workers haul off Bambi’s mother so that she can mulch down and some day be a roadside flower bed which is both pretty, and keeps our rehabilitating young offenders out of trouble?
Now Buck Peterson is arguably the man who started the roadkill renaissance with his every-occasion essential - The Roadkill Cook Book. Here’s a man who wont be letting any recession affect his waistline, not when he’s got squirrel sausages or badger wellington up his sleeve.
Lady Gaga proved roadkill could be both demure and stylish at the MTV VMAs last year. After hitting a wayward crow with her car, Ms Gaga was distraught, kneeling in the road with the poor fallen beast when she noticed the way the sunlight hit the feathers with the most beguiling blue sheen. A few hours later and Lady Gaga celebrated the crow’s short life with the most stylish of tributes - wearing it as a dramatic crow collar.

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  • Guest: conradgamble
    Wed 28 - Jul - 2010, 15:54
    The Road Kill Cafe, in where else but the US, has a rather amusing tagline: 'From your grill, to ours'