Trendy London Hotel Uses #JeSuisCharlie To Promote New Location


Written by Jack Blocker
13 Tuesday 13th January 2015

Brands, which strive to protect and promote themselves like a tarnished child star, tend to crash in a fashion more spectacular than the average Twitter idiot. A popular hashtag can be their true Achilles heel, serving as the hydrogen in their Hindenberg of online arrogance. This is particularly true when that hashtag memorialises those who suffered in some unspeakable manner.

I don't know what drives a person to seek online eminence via such shameless means (oh wait, it's pageviews and money), but social media bods have spent the past few years hijacking trending topics in the hope their latest deal or product will catch the eye of a person scrolling through stories about battered women, the arab spring or something equally significant - like #JeSuisCharlie.

The Hoxton, east London, which describes itself as 'the no bull shit hotel' - a sure sign they are full of it - thought they'd increase the reach of a post promoting a new venture by tacking on the hashtag.

In fairness, at least the hotel is in Paris. Sadly, a 'very chic' decor doesn't seem to show much solidarity for 12 magazine staffers who were shot while being journalists. Better yet, they misspelled the damn thing. Unsurprisingly, the post was soon deleted, and damage control arrived to reign in the tragedy marketing.


'Solidarity' was the given reason for the tag's inclusion, the same reason that caused the words to trend in the first place. Maybe they mean it - why wouldn't they? But it doesn't look too hot when sympathy for the dead frames 2016's holiday accommodation plans. Worse still, the company absolved itself of responsibility by pinning the blame on a 'member of our team', a person undoubtedly under intense pressure to increase the online reach of a branch of the Soho House Group - a task I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

But then social media disasters always increase exposure - MTV and Chipotle are both brands who have faked their own Twitter hacking - so maybe this will only serve to increase bookings at the Hoxton. It will certainly increase traffic to their Facebook page, maybe their website too.

Fuck it. Hit my Soundcloud and download my mixtape. 


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