Two Boys


Written by Peter Jefferies
04 Monday 04th July 2011
Whilst many think opera 'ain't worth a wank', this one is and features one. Detective Anne Strawson's (Susan Bickley) investigation of an attempted murder leads her into the murky teenage bedroom of her suspect, Brian (Nicky Spence), a friendless schoolboy whose only life is online. His new found relationship with temptress, Rebecca (the impressively slutty Mary Bevin) and her young brother Jake (Jonathan McGovern) has lead him into into a world of spies, paedophiles and violence.
Nico Muhly's début opera is a class act, with a movie-like score stretching from subtle incidental tones to echoes of 1950s Hollywood detective films. His collaborators' simple and effective staging and direction brings Craig Lucas' real-event inspired libretto to life. Moody, video projection gives this huge production an enduring haunting quality.         
Receiving a rapturous ovation from its very mixed-age audience, the praise was thoroughly deserved for a truly topical and groundbreaking, grand-opera.
For those that haven't yet seen the Don't Panic produced trailer for Two Boys, you can view it below. 
ENO's Two Boys is running at the London Coliseum on 6 & 8 July at 7:30pm. For more information, and to book tickets visit

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