Two London Ladies Divulge Their Top Hangout Spots


Written by Don't Panic
20 Wednesday 20th May 2015

Introducing Cristabel, the live-wire pop-up creator and insatiable foodie, and cocktail connoisseur, Lallie. 

Whether it’s a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, a Botanical Speakeasy or a Chocolate Paradise Dining Experience, Christabel’s tasty creations will leave a pleasant taste upon your tongue and a desire to try more. 

Christabel, what’s your trip4real?

I’ve got many - they’re really great, each with their own unique twist. They’ve all got something special about them like the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party or the Deserted Island Supper Club or even the Creative Cocktail Lab in my house… I could go on. 

Your events sound great! And a lot of fun - what’s the story behind them? 

We just curate events which we would like to go to ourselves - we love coming up with interesting, unusual concepts, so that people leave having tried something completely different. Luckily, it works a treat. 

On a perfect day in London… where are we eating breakfast?

At home, of course. Simple but so delicious - avocado with chilli, lemon, crispy bacon and a perfect poached egg on the top. Sometimes it’s nicer to just stay in. 

Any secret hideaways that we should know about? 

Crate Brewery in Hackney Wick isn't so secret but it is the best place to relax on a sunny day - eat the best pizzas in town with prosecco on tap!

On a perfect day in London, what does your afternoon look like?

Depends what day it is - but on a sunny day I love wandering down the Regent’s Canal and along to Broadway Market - so many delicious foodie treats! You’ve gotta go.

Great place to catch some rays with a cold beer?

The Boundary Hotel in Shoreditch with its awesome rooftop. Perfect for balmy summer eves!

What other cities have you fallen in love with?

Paris, New York, Berlin, and I’m heading to Istanbul this summer so hoping to fall in love with that. I’ve got the bug.

Thanks to our local, Christabel! If you’re curious about her other activities check them out here and get booking to make your summer even more interesting! Full list of her pop up events here

Lallie is a self proclaimed wanderlust and a pure Londoner at heart. 

Lallie can be found on the on the hunt for new city gems to add to her repertoire of cool places to hang out. And luckily, she's prepared to share them with us

Lallie, what’s your trip4real?

I’ve got five! They’re all centered on food and drink - life’s best vices. My favourites are my Brixton Market Tour (hello, Italian gelato!) and a trip to the writer of James Bond’s favourite bar. Who can say no to a martini, after all?

Where are we heading on our Perfect Day in London?

Perfect days start with lazy mornings and good Colombian coffee - black, no sugar, thanks. Brook Green and Shepherd's Bush have got some great places to brunch. For lunch, the markets, of course! Maltby St or Borough Market - or if the weather is nice enough, a picnic in a park. Without a doubt, my perfect day would end with a trip to an exhibition in the V&A Museum or with some music at the Roundhouse.

It's a perfect day - sun shining and all - where’s the best place to have a picnic in London?

Somewhere near the Serpentine with the opportunity for a swim, if you felt like a tipsy dip. But, in all honesty, my garden.

Give us a happy hour we should know about!

The Little Yellow Door in Notting Hill is my current favourite. The team there have so much fun concocting their creations and there is a story behind everything and I love how hidden it is. The Passion of Christ cocktail is anything but holy! I'm hoping to find somewhere this summer that serves up minter Portonics, my latest obsession from Portugal (white port & tonics with a little bit of orange or lemon peel). Delicious!

Throw us a hidden gem in London.

London is home of the hidden gem! The pop-up and supper club scene has encouraged this even more because people don't want to just have food and be done with it - they want an experience too, to have fun! 

There's a brilliant place around the corner from me in Hammersmith, Mes Amis, that feels like you've stepped into the secret dressing room of an eccentric old great aunt.

So, what’s the inspiration behind your activities?

To try something completely different and have a good story to tell afterwards

For more of Lallie’s trip4real activities check out her profile here and start booking if you want to get involved in some of the best foodie activities in London!

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