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Urbanite By Sennheiser


Written by Don't Panic
24 Wednesday 24th September 2014

Hey! Do you guys need a new set of headphones? Are you tempted to buy Beats, but you don't want to look like a second division footballer rolling up in his Audi Quattro on match day? Maybe you want to spring for some in-ear buds, except you're worried you might get grommets?

Then you need a flashy new pair of over-ear Urbanites by Sennheiser. The brand has always delivered in terms of sound quality, and the sleek design means you won't look like a rapper who's just about to be dropped from his label. They let me try out a pair, and all I can say is 10/10 would listen with again. They were bassy but not too face-melty, and they really did every song justice.

Also, you really need to see the box:

If you want a pair, head to the Sennheiser shop.

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