VOGUE's Concept Of 'Skater Style' Is Really Weird


Written by Jack Blocker
07 Friday 07th August 2015

It's always gross when enormous multi-national brands co-opt subcultures they've no real clue about. It's not particularly egregious in the grand scheme of things, but it certainly makes most people wince with embarrassment. For instance, I just came across a post on VOGUE's website about Emily Ratajkowski which I was compelled to look at. Not just because she's a ridiculous megababe who I'm in love with, but also because the post was titled 'Emily Ratajkowski Shows How to Do Skater Style Like a Grown-Up.' What is this 'Skater Style' Emily was sporting like an adult? Was she rocking a cropped Palace tee? A battered pair of Half-Cabs? Shredded jeans resembling clown pants (for all the #90s kids out there)?

Nope. She was wearing this:

I haven't been skating in a while, but I'm pretty sure I didn't see anyone rocking this 'fit the last time I was waiting to drop in. On that note, let's see how VOGUE justifies it:

"Skater style and fashion go hand in hand what with models lately taking to four wheels to get around town between shows. The crux of the all-black look comes down to Ratajkowski’s Stella McCartney platforms. Acting as an adult version of classic kicks—Etnies or Sketchers come to mind—they nod to old school, thick-soled sneakers."

Okey dokey. Intrigued by this take on 'Skater Style', I figured I'd enter the term into the VOGUE search bar to see what else fell under this bizarre umbrella.

"While we know RiRi is a fan of skate style—just take a look at how she elevated the humble Thrasher hoodie—the 27-year-old swapped out her Timbs and Dior heels in lieu of thick-soled custom Puma creepers from Mr. Completely." 

>tfw you lose your humble Thrasher hoodie

"Between Odd Future’s recent premiere for Illegal Civilization and Supreme’s upcoming twentieth anniversary, it’s safe to say that fashion’s love affair with the laid-back, too-cool-for-school skater style isn’t stopping anytime soon."


The whole skater-boy thing—that was our starting point,” said hairstylist Anthony Turner backstage at the Creatures of the Wind Spring 2015 show, where he was raking models’ hair into low, disheveled, half-in, half-out ponytails." 

Frontside flips making my ponytail go half-in half-out. You know how it is.

"'Anthony Turner started by creating a deep side part inspired, in part, by a girl he’d seen on the street in London a few weeks earlier. 'It’s almost skater boy really, the way it sweeps over the forehead and tucks behind the ears,'"

Starting to wonder what kind of setup Anthony rocks.

"Although her style doesn’t typically skew toward the disheveled, urban uniform of most New York City skateboarders, Hanneli Mustaparta puts her obsession with the pastime down to growing up in Norway where the sport was once illegal. “That made it mysterious and cool,” she recalls."

We have a winner.

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