Vote Michael Green! (NOT Grant Shapps)


Written by Don't Panic
30 Thursday 30th April 2015

If the name Grant Shapps isn't ringing any bells, don't worry. You may just know the man, who happens to be the chairman of the Conservative Party, by another name.

You see, when Shapps isn't reinforcing national hegemony with his Tory pals, he's flogging 'business advice services' (definitely not pyramid schemes) on the internet under the name of Michael Green. Although this sounds like a bit of fun - the sort of public school japery that allows a prominent MP to edit his own Wikipedia, buy Twitter followers, swindle money online and hold a second job while serving constituents - it's actually been devastating for the real Michael Green.*

To restore some pride, the Real Green will be running against Shapps aka Fake Green in his own constituency of Welwyn and Hatfield! Check out his party election broadcast:


Michael Green (NOT Grant Shapps) - PARTY ELECTION BROADCAST

Michael Green's identity was stolen by Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps. Now he wants it back.

Posted by Don't Panic on Thursday, April 30, 2015

So if this unjust identity theft sickens you to your very core, and if you want to annoy that fraudster Grant Shapps, head on over to to donate to the cause!

*Our pal Heydon really has changed his name by deed poll and he really is running as Michael Green in Welwyn and Hatfield. A vote for him is a vote against Shapps, so make sure you cast yours!

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