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Watch The Bizarre Fetish Handbook!


Written by Dont Panic
06 Wednesday 06th January 2016

Fellow Don't Panic stalwart Chloe Cross has made this fun web series on sex with Channel 4. 

In The Bizarre Fetish Handbook, she seeks out individuals with peculiar, niche tastes, such as urine, pagan magic and being crawled on by insects. I must admit I was a bit shook when she was confronted by a rope and dagger - thinking we'd detour into snuff film territory - so I'm relieved to see her mill around the office. I went over to her desk to hear what draws her to these topics and the people she meets. The first three episodes of the series are available here (NSFW, duh) while you can keep up with Chloe on Twitter and Instagram.

I'm genuinely interested in psychology - I'm currently studying a MSc in Criminal Psychology - but the psychology behind fetishes particularly interests me because they often appear so strange and random, but there's usually an underlying rational reason why these sexual thoughts have emerged that actually seem logical when you give that person a moment to explain themselves.

My favourite part of the series so far (and I'm hoping this continues) is knowing almost nothing about these people, other than the fetish they have and my perception of that said fetish, and getting to know them and hear about their experiences. I like meeting new people and learning how their minds work - it helps us to understand ourselves better. 

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