Dapper Laughs Is Bad For Us All


06 Thursday 06th November 2014

I was on the night bus a couple of weeks ago, cursing myself for missing my train, when a group of 16-year-old boys got on. They had smuggled cans of K Cider under their North Face windbreakers, and seemed set on binge drinking away their teenage boredom. I shared a glance with other commuters who clearly felt this gaggle could ruin their journey, so I looked out of the window, in silence.

I was then tapped on the shoulder. I turned to see the ringleader of the group breathing heavily in my face. 'I wanna get you proper moist' he growled. His friends cackled in the background, though none of them could look me in the eye. I had barely any time to process what had happened before he had returned to his seat to pats on the back from his gang of pubescent pals. Had it been earlier, and I'd had one more or one less beer in my system, I would've probably said something. But all I could think in my head was 'fucking Dapper Laughs.' 

If you're not familiar with the Vines that propelled Dapper into the spotlight, you've probably spent the past three months in a convent. His cock-first crusade across Clapham has gained national notoriety, landing Dapper, aka Daniel O'Reilly, his very own TV show on ITV2. He's now selling out O2 Academies. While he may be consistently criticised across the broadsheets, he has an incredibly loyal following who lap up his laddish schtick. His very own caliphate of cunts.

His brand of humour was born in rugby clubs and pub toilets. Jokes about using his erect penis as a loo roll holder speak to a demographic who don't care about Tig Notaro's cancer confession or Louis CK's kids. It's not deep, but it's the natural evolution of the 'your mum' jokes we all told at school. 

I feel sorry for the everyday Lad sometimes. You know, the good guy who likes to play football at the weekend, smash sales targets at Foxtons and indulge in jokes at the expense of your mother. These guys get lumped in Dapper's category purely because of their affection for having a laugh and drinking beer, a trait shared by most of the nation. When Dapper and his fan base dismiss his 'humour' as just banter, it implies that every male who likes actual banter is privvy to rape jokes and sexually harassing women. When this happens, who's to stop the regular lads from following Dapper's lead?

While Dapper Laughs can dress up his sexism and dismiss it all with a wink, he is breeding mini-me's who don't appreciate the force behind his act. This guy is a depository for all the shitty, uncreative jokes that ended up on the floor of the Family Guy offices, and it's not extreme to say he'll have a detrimental effect on the nation.

Type in "Dapper Laughs is a cunt" into twitter you'll get a lot of results. Sadly, twitter is an imperfect test of the nation's feeling, you only need to see the O2 ticket stubs or the aforementioned bus lads to know that. Recently, when Vicky Chandler successfully had him banned from playing her Student Union at Cardiff, she was lauded by Dapper's critics. But if there's a less accurate representation of the nation as a whole than a university campus, I'm yet to see it.

What Vicky did show is that there are people out there who are sick of our society associating with his brand of humour, because it makes us look like a nation of idiots. If more of us make it clear that we don't like Dapper, then we won't have to ban him. People will simply stop watching him instead. Then the only appearance Dapper Laughs will make will be in court, no doubt for the numerous sexual harassment charges he's on bail for. 

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