What the eff(igy)?


Written by Johny Chhetri
Photos and illustrations by Rashpal Amrit
03 Tuesday 03rd August 2010

So David Cameron has angered the whole nation of Pakistan by playing kiss arse in India and stating that elements in Pakistan were promoting the export of terrorism! Crazy shit right? Well, he’s getting burned for that statement!

Well, not actually burned, there have been effigies of the PM being burned in the Islamic nation. Protesters were pictured burning the effigy chanting “Down with Cameron” while a banner saying "David Camroon - The loos mouth" could be seen.
Investigation into the spelling has begun.
Let’s take a look at the other people who have also had their papery liknesses set alight…
George Bush
Obviously! This man has been protested against and lit up too many times for me to remember. But then again, if you’re the president of America, you’re more than likely to have something that looks like your Spitting Image character charred to pieces within the first few years of your career! It’s like an initiation ritual, guess it beats some of the other initiation rituals out there.
People have even welcomed current President Barack Obama in Redondo Beach with this lovely display! So he must be doing something right!
But let’s not forget who you don’t wanna mess with if you don’t want angry Indian men burning your papery likeness on the mean streets… the one and only Shilpa Shetty!
Jade Goody
Poor old Goody, she was the flower of Essex, a working-class hero and, undoubtedly, one of the most underrated racists in the game.
She was burned to a fine crisp in India after her race-related scandal during her stint in ‘Celebrity’ Big Brother, where she caused a stir just for calling the Bollywood actress 'Shilpa Fuckawalla' and 'Shilpa Poppadom'. But she’s dead now… if only they did the same to Danielle Lloyd and Jo from S Club 7.
Richard Gere
This one was actually ridiculous, as it is also Shilpa Shetty-related, the Pretty Woman star thought he’d take Shilpa for an innocent twirl and dip and then slobber all over her neck in a, somewhat, romantic fashion. At an AIDS awareness rally!
Silly thing is that the result of the gesture ended in a local court ordering Gere and Shetty’s arrest, finding them in violation "public obscenity" laws.  Poor bugger, his effigy was burned to a pretty crisp.


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