White Power Milk


Written by James Read
05 Sunday 05th June 2011


A lot of people have reacted pretty strongly to your latest project, which involved selling milk gargled by beautiful, rich, white girls. What were your thoughts in producing it? And have you had any (presumably undesired) positive reactions from actual Nazi groups?

It is racial satire. It was inspired because some people feel that white women are superior to all other women and have special qualities that other races do not contain. If you go to twitter and search "I want a white girl" you can see what I mean (Ed - woah, he's right). People believe white women are more loyal, more sexual, and more obedient. Also in advertising white women are used to make just about any product seem more appealing, so I thought it would be good satire to ask, "What if they could even make milk taste better?"

The emails that I have gotten from people are claiming all sorts of things. I have no way to tell what is true or not.


Georgie by Teresa Tsai

Although I understand that this may be privileged business information, could you share with us your current sales figures? Which girl has been the most popular? I see that Georgie of the Walden family is representing London. Her bio info reads "Georgie contains a deep milk, rich with tradition. She epitomizes taste. Different flavors surface at various stages, yet they are controlled like a great opera singer at work. She begins with a time-honored, noble creaminess then surprises with a touch of fresh mint. She's young, after all." Very good.

No comment.

Death Bear by Kevin Walsh

You've done a project as the character Death Bear, who takes peoples' negatively associated possessions away. But then an ex called you out, and handed you a condom filled with your own jizz at some kind of weird seance. Tell us a bit more about that experience please! Did you feel that your actions as Death Bear reconciled your relationship with her? Have you spoken since?

Yes, our actions were reconciled at that time. She got even. I saw her about six months after and when our eyes met it was oddly thrilling and not in a bad way. It's hard to explain.

Tell me more about these 'Free Bouncy Rides' that you offer.

I don't do that anymore. What can I say?

A successful ride

I read in another interview that as a day job you look after fruit flies in a research lab. How's that working out, what with all the dolphin-jiggling and milk-selling?

It's going great.

Nate with Alexandra, and a pineapple, from his project Three Girls I Want To Sleep With But Cannot

What's next? Wanna come to London and party with us?

Not really, living in New York keeps you pretty broke most the time LOL.


Shame! Well, you can read more about all of these projects and many others at natehillisnuts.com

Or, if you want to have some milk gargled by rich, white girls - and I'm still not totally sure if Nate will seriously ship this or not - visit whitepowermilk.com

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