World's Ugliest Animals


Written by Suzie McCracken
15 Sunday 15th April 2012


As any self respecting QI viewer will be aware, this is an aye-aye. It's a lemur that flips you off. It's long, thin middle finger is used to tap holes in trees, making it Madagascar's evolutionary answer to the woodpecker. It's also considered horrendous bad luck due to it's less than handsome face and nocturnal habits, and thus the people of Madagascar have a penchance for slaughtering and stringing them up. The Sakalava people even claim that the aye-ayes sneak into their houses and murder those sleeping by puncturing the victum's aorta with that pesky middle finger. On the bright side though, we've finally found the inspiration behind goths wearing unhealthily coloured contact lenses.

Horseshoe bat

It looks weird enough already right? Wait till you see it bearing it's teeth. It's like if the adorable Pokémon Woobat finally learnt to do a move other than Quick Attack, but then evolved into the grossest thing of all time. And then mated with one of CITV's Gargoyles. It may have been around for thousands of years, but in my mind this creature can only be born of the nineties. In fact, it reminds me a little of a hair accessory I used to have...

Star-nosed Mole

There is something oddly hypnotising about the star-nosed mole, and it's uglyness has proved a comforting blanket of reassurance as I rock back and forth each night, crying myself to sleep about my own strangely shaped nose. Mine's hexagonal. However, they are more than just something to make me feel better about my own face. Those questionable prostheses are in fact fleshy tentacles that feel out the mole's prey. There's twenty two tentacles in total that help to make it the world's fastest-eating mammal, taking as short as 120 milliseconds to identify and consume pray. Basically, this dude would destroy a buffet.


Perhaps if Stunfisk and Ditto were left in Daycare together for a little too long they would produce this unfortunate lovechild (I promise that's the last of the Pokémon references). Found in the deep waters off the coasts of Australia and Tasmania, this creature presumably trawls the sea bed for blind fish-chicks to have a go on, all whilst looking utterly despondent. Attach an over-eye fringe to this photo and you've got one apathetic creature. That was an hilarious 'emo' reference, not used in journalism since 2007. You're welcome.

Naked mole rat

Mole's are thoroughly represented in the category of animals that make you go 'ewwww', especially when you include this frightful nudist. As well as being the inspiration for the absolutely terrible character Rufus in Kim Possible (the show only started in 2002 and therefore doesn't qualify for rose-tinted nostalgia), it also has the qualities of the devil. A lack of pain sensation in its skin and a very low metabolism makes for what I'd describe as truly evil traits. If any scientists are working on a mega growth formula, please keep it away from the naked mole rat. This is the last thing I want to see terrorising a city.

What's your favourite ugly animal?

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