The 10 Worst Tattoos Ever


24 Sunday 24th June 2012

Ah, summer. A time to kick back, relax and enjoy being outside, without being weighed down by the usual ten+ layers that cover you up the rest of the year. Feels good to have that sun on your skin, right?

Unfortunately, when it comes to some people, being able to bare their bods has downsides for, well, everybody else. I’m not talking muffin tops, embarrassing tan lines or anything like that – I’m talkin’ tattoos. While many individuals get tattoos to visually express something really significant in their lives (after all, ink is forever), there are those who decide to go down the other path, and get tats that are just plain awful. As the sun comes out, and the shirts come off, so do some truly dreadful tattoos. Enjoy the warm summer months – but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Drake Tattoo

Girl, I can’t even begin to tell you where you went wrong with this tattoo. Getting someone’s name in ink? Usually a bad idea. Getting a musician’s name done? Almost always a bad idea – even if you turn out to be Drake’s #1 fan for the rest of your life, in ten years time he might be a nobody, or have ballooned into a 30st crazy person doing sobbing renditions of ‘Take Care' with a howling dog outside Pizza Hut. But getting a celebrity’s name tattooed on YOUR FACE? Wow.

Cat-talking Llama

Man, your friends were SO RIGHT on that crazy night out when they said getting this tattoo would be a good idea. A llama that talks in a cat’s voice – hilarious! It’s definitely something that will stay funny. On your skin. Forever.

Google It

Let’s hope that’s still relevant when you’re 70, otherwise your grandkids are going to get really, really bored listening you to constantly explain how “big” Google and "the Internet" used to be.


Ha. Who says religion can’t have its laughs? This is another tattoo that will definitely stand the test of time – it’s a pretty safe bet that this guy will never, ever regret getting it done.


To be fair, this tattoo probably will stay funny. What's more, it will automatically make people take you seriously, so be sure to show it off whenever you meet a prospective employer/partner's parents/anyone for the first time.

Eye Zips

It’s great that this girl was able to channel all of her intense teen angst into something creative. What says, “I’M IN SERIOUS EMOTIONAL PAIN” more than tattooing a pair of eye zips on her face? I bet her parents were like, super pissed off with her too – bonus!

Steve O Tattoo (as modelled by Steve O)

Remember Jackass? Remember Steve O? Well, back in the early Noughties, in between doing totally awesome stuff like attaching leeches on his eyeballs and electrocuting his testicles, totally awesome stunt man Steve O decided that he should get a tattoo – of himself – to cover his whole back, just to remind himself what a totally awesome person he is.

Head Wound

Okay, so it’s a little graphic, but I can see the appeal – not only will you be the most popular person in any restaurant you go to, you’ll also scare the living daylights out of children, and most likely nuns. Win-win.

Stoner Dolphin

Okay, so dolphins are cool, but – OH, I get it, he can blow the smoke out of his blowhole! Nice. Extra points for the dolphin's lame tribal tattoo.

Dancing Pizza(?)

The only thing worse than a badly thought out tattoo is a badly inked tattoo. We’d love to know the owner’s thought process behind this dancing pizza (at least, that’s what we assume it is) tat, and whether or not he/she actually did it themselves late one night, using nothing but candlelight and a rusty biro. On the upside, no one else will have one like it.

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