Wyclef Jean Update!


Written by Johny Chhetri
20 Friday 20th August 2010

Wyclef Jean’s bid for presidential supremacy in Haiti has come to a standstill. He’s currently off the list of possible candidates who can run for presidency. What a bitch eh? He only started his campaign recently. An unidentified member of the provisional electoral council said that Jean was "not on the list as I speak.” This pretty much renders him as ‘fucked’. Well, I guess he shouldn’t have sung songs about dancing the go-go, got a house in Haiti and read Politics for Dummies instead.
The former Fugees frontman sure looked like he was at the forefront of the runnings with his superstar presence and adoring fans that are, pretty much, all the youth in Haiti. And with that youthful fanbase, he stated that he wanted to at least get some support, “the youth population... we are going to encourage them to vote." Yeah, that was totally gonna work matey.
He was also in hiding after revealing that he received death threats, which proved he wasn’t too popular. I wonder who would send such things. He’s only a musician who’s dipping his arse-cheeks into the political cheesecake! I mean it’s not really his fault is it? Apparently, Mr. Jean did not meet some requirements to make the list, such as living in Haiti for five years, which he did not.
Also, if you might not remember, a while ago, when asked about his political intentions, he said, "Do I have political intentions? At this time, no, but what I do have is a movement.” Yeah, “a movement” is always handy isn’t it (?).
Anyhoo, in the eternal words of Mr. Jean
Shot callers, What are you, a preacher?
You calling her a hooker? He without sin cast the first stone.
I met her on the subway, she gave me that VIP card
And told me if I ever have problems,
Don't hesitate to come by, yeah, yeah, yeah

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