Young Minds


Written by Blair Mishleau
08 Tuesday 08th March 2011

In partnership with youth engagement group Livity, Google is putting on Young Minds, a search for young movers and shakers. The twelve people selected, who must be from Europe, the Middle East or Africa, will get a chance to go to Google's exclusive Zeitgeist 2011 conference, which covers global issues ranging from new Google technology to world-renowned guest speakers.

Scott Forbes, a Young Minds applicant, has done loads of work for sexual education. His work has been shown off to several world leaders, including former President Bill Clinton. His work has been presented to over 2,000 young people, helping them know the ins and outs of sex ed.

Zeitgeist has had many world leaders grace its stage, with past speakers including Desmond Tutu, Bill Clinton and Sir Richard Branson. A few Young Minds winners will even have the chance to address this stellar audience!

This year, one of the Zeitgeist speakers is cosmologist and all around genius Stephen Hawking. This guy has written about the history of the universe, experienced weightlessness and had a few cameos on Family Guy. If selected, Young Minds applicants will be able to hear his words of wisdom.

Niamh, is passionate about books. She has been blogging them and her work helps to encourage others to read and connect across many countries

The competition is surprisingly simple: record a video and post it on … you guessed it … YouTube, and wait eagerly. Might we suggest: A sock puppet skit explaining your goals to end climate change.

Those interested world-changers should scoot over to YouTube and apply. Videos are due by 4 April. You can view other applicants’ submissions here.

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