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31 Tuesday 31st August 2010

Jennifer Robson is a Brick Lane dweller that takes pictures of the creative and stylish people in her neighborhood. Her blog, called StyleEast, has attracted many followers and has now made it onto the shortlist for Vogue’s Street Chic Blogger competition. Don’t Panic interviewed the London girl to find out more about StyleEast and why East London has the best style.

Where did the idea for StyleEast originate?
I've lived in east London since I moved to the city and I've always felt an affinity with this particular area. It gets
quite a bad press sometimes but actually I find it so inspiring and the people so creative and individual, I wanted
something that would capture that and show other people who've never been here what's so great about my
Where is your favorite place to shop in London?
It changes from month to month but I pretty much only shop in the vintage stores of East London, I have no need to go anywhere else! I love the East End Thrift Store on Assembly Passage in Stepney and Rokit on Brick Lane is currently having a revival in my affections, I've bought an obscene amount of stuff there in the last few weeks.
Who or what is your biggest influence?
I know it's a cliche to say it but the people on the street are my biggest influence, and other bloggers. I particularly love the style of Megg from Another Day to Dress Up (my favorite US blogger) and I'm obsessed generally with self-style and street blogs.
Your blog is specific to East London. How do you think East London style differs from the rest of the City?
I think every part of London has a real sense of its own style identity, but in the East, especially as it's so closely linked to its thriving art and music scene, people tend to feel more free to be experimental. You don't see the same volume of vintage dressing and particularly 1950s or retro styles elsewhere – sometimes walking around Brick Lane can be like entering another era. And, as a street style blogger, I love that everyone gets so dressed up just to go to the market.
Which other blogs would you recommend for someone interested in fashion?
There are so many I could name, I read hundreds! I love Polka Dot and the Style Crusader and how eloquently and unpretentiously they write about fashion. And I'm in awe of the photography skills of Style Slicker and Park & Cube. Other favorites are Not Just Medical and Jazzabelle's diary, and I've recently discovered my new favorite self-style bloggers – Alice Point and Frou Frou. But please anyone who reads this, visit the blog roll on my page, as I can't bear to leave out any of the fantastic blogs I read on a regular basis!


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