3D is a Fraud


Written by Hannah Grantz
08 Monday 08th November 2010
 By next year we will all know whether the universe actually has a third dimension, or it’s just a sort of hologram effect that we mistake for being 3D. As we speak physicists at are putting together a device called a ‘holometer’ that is made up of two interferometers, and should produce and calculate holographic noise in spacetime.
Hoping to explain the unexplained, the difference between the all-new holometer and other experimental prototypes used in the past, is this will produce the only actual direct insight into space and time in the universe. Although, the 2D theory was already proven true in 1884 by Edward Abbott Abbott’s novel Flatland, complete with its geometric shapes of all sorts and girls represented by line segments. If only these scientists wasting all the their time on this had watched it, they could be inventing something useful now instead.
They claim that because of the time and depth combination, the third dimension that the researchers once thought was there could actually just be an optical illusion. Craig Hogan is the chief astrophysicist in charge of the construction of the holometer at Fermilab, which he thinks will “split laser beams and measure the difference in frequencies between the two identical beams.” Whatever that means.
So for now apparently 3D doesn’t exist, except in the cinema with a pair of glasses on. Maybe we’ll know the truth in the future.
This just in also, Sasquatch is real, Tupac is actually alive, the world will definitely explode in 2012, and Elvis was an alien.

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