AIAIAI TMA-2 Modular Headphone Review


Written by Sandy Hagenbach
20 Wednesday 20th May 2015
Copenhagen-based audio design company AIAIAI have recently released their new headphone concept the TMA-2 Modular. Unlike other headphone designs the TMA-2 offers a wide range of interchangeable options to ensure they are just right for each individual user in terms of fit, sound and function. There are a total of 360 configurations possibilities from the building blocks that make up AIAIAI’s new modular headphone. This will be especially useful for music professionals, allowing them to adapt the headphone to their given creative context. Moving from the studio to DJing and for use on the move. The configuration possibilities are also great for everyday listeners giving them the chance to be in the hot seat and play designer. For those who find the thought of 360 configurations options a bit daunting the good people at AIAIAI have put together 4 presets options for an easy purchase.
The first thing that struck me with the new TMAs was the amount of thought that had gone into the design, from the box containing each component individually sealed in airtight bags, to the moment they effortlessly all came together to make what is in my opinion the sleekest looking pair of headphones on the market. From the rich black leather pads to the matt finish headband and only a small AIAIAI logo embossed on the inside of the headband.
A piece of design which I thought was extremely useful that I have never come across with any other headphones I have owned in the past is the coiled cable. This is another great example of the diverse functionality of the TMA-2 Modular. Incorporating a long cable to allow a good range of movement for DJing but in a way that works for listening on the move not having such a long cable that the user is constantly getting tangled up.
Moving onto sound I had the pleasure of listening to the Studio preset which has an incredible range of tones making them able to keep the high, bright notes extremely crisp whist still keeping the power and depth of the low ends. They work fantastically for home listening, not being to bold and brash for easy listening.
In terms of fit the second edition, TMAs are an absolute pleasure to wear with the large soft leather pads sitting snugly around the ear and the padded headband making them extremely comfortable. The fact that they a can be altered and personalised to such a degree makes them hard to fault.
TMA-2 Modular headphones are available to build and buy from and selected retailers.
Each modular headphone set includes speaker unit, headband, earpad and cable.
Preset headphone combinations with recommended use include:
All Round: £100 / €145 / $145
DJ: £ 140/ €200 / $200
Studio: £ 160/ €225 / $225
Young Guru: £185 / €260 / $260 


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