Awesome useless websites


Written by James Read
11 Monday 11th April 2011

Have you ever wanted to recreate the boozy, confused feeling of waking up on the sofa to the looping menu music from Shaun of the Dead from the discomfort of your office chair? Well now you can, with Domain names are cheap, and thus weird single purpose websites are plentiful. Here's some of our favourites.

On the subject of offices, does a superb job of recreating the joyfully efficient sound of a stapler being compressed. Not just one stapler either - they cover a range from the modern plastic Ryman to the industrial full-metal ACE design and a classier curved design that I can only hazard may be a Swingline. Each has it's own distinct compress/release signature sound, and I'm sure you'll have as much fun experimenting with them as we have. Headphones recommended, though cheap office speakers will do. If that's a bit exciting for you, there's the more sedentary pace of, where you can unravel rolls of Andrex all day, with not a single fear for the rainforests.

Perhaps you've watched all of the DVD menus on and need some fresh shortform looping video content to help lull your lizard brain into a state of zen? Well, here's a rasher of bacon spinning on Obama's finger while he winks seductively at you. Oh, you're vegatarian? How about a hypnotic spinning leek accompanied by a Finnish folk song, courtesy of Um, yeah, I'm not too sure what to think of this either. Oh, and while we're on WTF sites about girls with food, it would be remiss of me not to mention [Warning: NSFW].

There are a number of genuinely useful sites provide you with facts such as the time depicted in naked dudes, or (it's nine at time of publication), and, which helpfully provides you with random factoids to espouse when asked. You're right, perhaps those aren't actually that useful. But noone could dispute the utility of knowing whether it's going to rain, and is here to help. But what if you want it to rain? Well then, can soothe you with the sound of rain pitter-pattering through your headphones. And if it's just forecast to rain in your pants, then maybe can help you find the most suitable place to drain your bladder.

And no list of bizarre websites would be complete without at least a few about cats. So we present - an oldie but a goldie, documenting cats in just about every porcelain arrangement. While it is a user-generated site, relying on fresh submissions of cats who just happened to climb into sinks, it doesn't exactly have an overriding mission beyond 'collecting pictures of cats in sinks'. The Infinite Cat Project on the other hand is a superb exercise in site-specific cat-based artwork. Their simple request? That you place you cat in front of your monitor displaying the ICP website and take a photo. Viola, infinitely regressing cats. They're currently up to 1700.


Oh, and I heard on Reddit that if you paste javascript:createPlayer('vidbox','') into your browser while on and hit enter, something magical happens!

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